Marriage between Catholic and Protestant

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I was wondering about the requirements for marriage between
a Catholic and a Protestant. I am aware of Canon 1124 & 1125
in the Code of Canon Law, but what does that mean?

Who is the local ordinary?
Does the Protestant party have to sign a document that
the children will be baptized and raised Catholic?
Also can the marriage ceremony (if all conditions are met)
take place in a Protestant church?

Thank you and God bless.
The local ordinary is the bishop. He must give permission for a Catholic to marry a non-Catholic. The Catholic party must promise to do all in his or her power to raise the children Catholic. The non-Catholic party must be informed of this promise at an appropriate time. The Catholic party also must declare that he or she is prepared to remove and dangers of defecting from the faith. Notice it is the Catholic that is doing the promising. The Church is trying to protect the Catholic faith of the Catholic and any children that may come along.

A dispensation may be granted by the local bishop, on a case by case basis, to allow the marriage celebration to occur in a place other than a Catholic Church.

You should contact your priest who will assit you in getting the necessary permissions and dispensations.
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