Mel Gibson and Maccabees

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Is it true that director Mel Gibson will be making a film based on Maccabees?

That’s the rumor, but I don’t think it’s been confirmed yet.
I believe Gibson mentioned it on a tv interview he did for The Passion. I think it was EWTN, but I can’t remember.
I wonder what liberal group will find fault with this movie…
I wonder what liberal group will find fault with this movie…
This may have been said as a response to the charges of anti-Semitism in the Passion. It may also be something of a subtle nudge at Protestants, since the best account of the Maccabean revolt is found in the 1st book of Maccabees.

“Oh, you don’t have that book in your Bible? I see…”
I definitely belive that Gibson was nudging Protestants. He was asked which books in the OT he would like to make in to a film and If I recall correctly he spoke without hesitation.
“Nudging the Protestants”? That sounds like what I have picked up about Mr. Gibson’s humor.

I like that idea too! 👍
I believe Gibson mentioned it on a tv interview he did for The Passion. I think it was EWTN, but I can’t remember.
Yes, he answered Raymond Arroyo’s question:

**Arroyo: ** Any more movies you might be thinking about making? *(insert a wry, tongue-in-cheek expression on Arroyo’s face here)… * Or not any more after this one?

(At least, that’s what I remember about that – more or less – from when I saw that interview about 6 months before the Passion was released.)

*Gibson: ** Another one? Hmmm… (insert a serious, un-kidding, thoughtful expression on Gibson’s face here)… * well, I was thinking about doing one on Maccabees. *(From what I remember, Gibson let that pause remain pregnant and Arroyo waited a little while before asking the next question.) *

Don’t know if Gibson was kidding. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends?
I heard him say that he’s making a movie about the original bilical account of Hanukkah. That seems to be the buzz in tinseltown.
After Braveheart, Maccabees sounds like a perfect film for Gibson. I read an account of the plan in the National Catholic Register. It sounded official enough, but I’ve seen no definitive quote from Mel on the topic.
The first I heard of this was sometime during Holy Week, if I recall correctly. Sean Hannity was interviewing Mel Gibson on his daily radio show and asked Mel if he were to do another religious movie what it would be, and Mel responded with the Maccabees comment. It didn’t seem to me that it was a definitive plan of Gibson’s as much as it was just a reponse to the question of what Biblical subject he would pick if he were to do another movie along those lines.
Did you know that Mel Gibson is a traditional minded Catholic who attends only the Tridentine Mass.

He had priests offering daily Latin Masses on the set of 'Passion’

Good for him and God bless him.
Yes, I did know that. I believe he only assists at the Traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass (not the Novus Ordo). Just think of the blessing and guidance upon that movie by the graces of having the True Sacrifice of the Mass offered daily on the set? God Bless him for his strong faith!

And I hope he does make a movie on the Machabees. I will be rushing to see that one too.
don’t really know but I heard a respected and reliable speaker who knows Mel Gibson and she hinted that he is getting quite a kick out of watching the hollywoodites running around after the Maccabees thing and that he only said it to keep them off track from what he really intends to do next.

Separately, I heard he is doing a story on a female Braveheart called Boudica (sp?) and perhaps on a martyred priest from Mexico who disguised himself as many different roles in order to keep performing his priestly duties - can’t think of the name at the moment.

Good for him!! 👍
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