My Favorite Catholic Churches (buildings)

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What are your favorite international, domestic and local Catholic churches? Here are mine:
My favorite Catholic church in the entire world:
Saint Peter’s Basilica
Need I say more? Nothing else compares…
Vatican City/State
My favorite domestic (USA) Catholic church:
The Basilica of the National Shrine
of the Immaculate Conception
Awesome mix of Byzantine and Western architecture
Washington, DC.
My favorite local Catholic church:
Mision de la Senora Santa Barbara Virgen y Martir
“The Queen of the Alta California Missions”
est. 1786
Santa Barbara, California
Here is a link to my church, which is wonderful. I just wish that there were more, and better pictures, as its such a beautiful building! It has been run by the Conventual Franciscans from the beginning in the 1860s.

The Baltimore Basilica is one of my favorites.It is considered to be one of the greatest pieces of architecture of its time. They have been working for years to restore the dome to its original sky light and glass panels (from the descriptions I’ve read, it was a marvelous piece of construction).

There is also a church in Coyoacan, Mexico City that I really adored while I was living there. I don’t know the name of the church, but it was one of the most beautiful old buildings in the neighborhood.

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Any of the 21 California Missions. I’ve visited all but three of them.
I tried to edit my earlier post to include this, but there is apparently a time limit for editing, so I am making a new post. I did a search of churches in Coyoacan, and I found the picture of my favorite church there.
This is the church in the neighborhood I lived in. It is the church of San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist).
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My favorite would be my home Church, St. John Kanty. Also on the list would be St. Josaphat’s Bascillica in Milwaukee. It is breathtaking to say the least. Our church has a huge cruxifix that is very life like.
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