My God My God Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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Could somebody please clear up this question that Jesus said while dying on the Cross?
I have always been led to believe He really had thought His Father had given up on him. It showed how human He really was.
Somewhere though, someone told me that Jesus was quoting a Psalm that starts off with those words.
As the Jewish Priests were at the foot of the Cross, they would of heard these words, and automatically recited that Psalm in their heads, much like what happens when someone hums a tune we know, and we sing it for the rest of the day.
I have read this Psalm, and it is very clear that Jesus was putting a message through to the Jewish Priests about the glory He was about to enter.
The Psalm kind of takes away that image that Jesus thought He had been abandoned.
Which teaching is correct?
Thank you
Jesus quoted from Psalm 22 which prophesied the Passion. He probably continued the Psalm in silence. Read the Psalm in full and you will see that Jesus did not think that His Father had given up on him but rather showed confidence in the Father despite immense suffering.

Psalm 22:
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