Nuptual Mass/Sunday Obligation

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Michelle Arnold just answered a question that if a Nuptual Mass is celebrated on a Sunday, it counts as Sunday obligation. Recently, however, on Catholic Answers on the radio, I thought I heard Jimmy Aiken address this question negatively. I thought he said that because the readings at a Nuptual Mass would be different it would not fulfill the Sunday obligation because it would not be that Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word. Can you please clarify this? Thank you!
Michelle is correct. A wedding Mass celebrated on Sunday (or Saturday evening) will fulfill one’s Sunday obligation.

What I said on the show is that the readings are not relevant to the fulfillment of the obligation, though there is a common misimpression to the contrary. The Code of Canon Law expressly says that the Sunday obligation can be fulfilled in a Catholic Mass of any rite, and since other rites use other readings, the readings you hear at Mass are not relevant to the fulfillment of the obligation.
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