online adoration?

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I found this site

It is a live camera shot of the blessed sacrament. Its for homebound persons etc. Is it like watching a mass on TV (not being a participant) ? Is it something I can use while at work? Somehow I feel like it doesn’t replace actually going there etc. What are your thoughts on this?
Seems kinda odd. I mean, for homebound people, it makes sense, but, for ambulatory people, seems to not quite replace the same thing. Like TV Mass.
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I also found a site - monksofadoration - I think it is useful if you can’t get to adoration. Many of our surrounding parishes do not have times for adoration.

My parish only has adoration on First Fridays (once a month) 8- 5pm. This time frame can not be used by working people.

I have used it when I can’t sleep… much better than surfing the net!

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I think it is nice to listen to a mass (or behold the sacrament) by proxy, but one would think that using it for the actual spiritual benefits probably should be reserved to the homebound alone. Ours is an intimatly personal religion, and face-to-face contact is essential (Every sacriment but one involves physical contact of some sort). so i guess, while a nice thing to do, proxy adoration whould be more akin to personal prayer than true adoration, it would not replace the prescence.
It might be useful for some people when he or she first logs onto the internet for the day to help keep them from sin while they are online.

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I work from 6am to 4pm 4 days a week and I have ewtn radio on most of the time I’m at my desk. I listen to mass, rosary and other “talk programs” I find it imspires me and have wondered if this is considered improper because I’m working instead of paying attention to what is happening, because mass and rosary should have my undivided attention. Wonder if it would help to ask an apologist. (I have also had on line adoration on my computer at work and felt uncomfortable because I wasn’t really adoring our Lord with my full mind)
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I think the on line adoration and the radio masses are not as good as being there in person, but I do believe that God is pleased with any effort we make towards holiness.🙂
I have ewtn radio on most of the time I’m at my desk. I listen to mass, rosary and other “talk programs” I find it imspires me and have wondered if this is considered improper because I’m working instead of paying attention to what is happening,
When doing anything beyond our basic obligations, all we need do is what we are reasonably able to do . . . when on the job, your responsibility is to your employer, and if you are allowed to listen to inspirational radio while you’re working – great – pay it what attention you can, without stealing time and attention (for which you are paid) from your employer. There’s a lot to be said for the subliminal benefit you get from having, say, the Divine Mercy, running through your head while you’re doing your work. But you are there to do your work.
I am so fortunnate to have a christian (but not catholic) employer that I have worked with for many years and the type of work I do enables me to listen while I work for several hours during the day. The Lord has truly blessed me.
Online Adoration does not COMPARE to actually being in the same room as Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Of Course Jesus can bestow graces on those who visit him online, and I’m sure He does; however, to visit Him face-to-face is incomparably more beneficial to our souls and the souls of every human being in the Communion of Saints, whom we touch everytime we visit or receive the Eucharist. To visit the Eucharist is the closest we can get to our dearly departed loved ones. I highly recommend we receive communion and go to adoration for our dead: St. Bonaventure says, “Oh Christian souls, do you wish to prove your true love towards your dead? Do you wish to send them the most precious help and golden key to Heaven? Receive Holy Communion often for the repose of their souls.”

They will remember us if we go to Purgatory!
There is a point that is being missed here, in many areas of this country you cannot find a unlocked Catholic church, let alone one that has Adoration. Even when you do find one, if you are in a wheelchair your odds of the adoration chapel be accessible is pretty low. I can’t even get to the confessional room in my own parish, it is located in a chapel that is not accesible, therefore my priest hears my confession in what can only be disscribed as less than private areas. Please don’t suggest making appointments, I never know from one day to the next wither I’ll even be able to leave my home.

Let me get back on topic, I know online adoration is not ideal, but if it is you best, if not only option for eucharistic adoration I’m all for it !
Linda H.
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