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I am a subscriber to subject magazine but am becoming more and more concerned that the editors** may** have an anti-catholic bias, was wondering any opinions? Or am I being overly paranoid.
World is a protestant magazine. If it has a theology, it is evangelical calvinism. I guess that it can be anti-Catholic, but, hey, it’s protestant so at least they are honest. It’s politics are basically Republican party. It is not terribly deep. For thoughtful political and cultural commentary, you might try Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. Most of the principals involved in this magazine are RC’s. Full disclosure: I’m one of them!

Thanks Chris C.,

I ‘book-marked’ your web-site for future viewing. I must admit that I have not heard of Chronicles prior to your post. At first sight Chronicles Magazine appears to be a conservative/traditional (which is good) publication, but I would like to explore the web-site further before making up my mind. I did not notice a “mission statement”. Is Chronicles faithful to the magisterium?
Despite the fact that I know Chris C. and therefore know his character and, by inference, the character of the scalawags (I mean, gentlemen) he works with at “Chronicles”–despite all that, I can recommend the magazine.

I always profit from it and in fact read the latest issue just yesterday. The editor, Thomas Fleming, always serves up a good editorial, and I especially enjoy the column by Chilton Williamson (a convert to the faith, as I recall), who lives in Wyoming and often writes about his adventures in the back country.

As for “World,” I read that too. Sure, it has an Evangelical viewpoint, and it doesn’t always get the Catholic angle quite right, but I have not noticed any overt anti-Catholicism in it. “World” is the little brother to “Time,” “Newsweek,” and “U.S. News,” and it is the only newsweekly that works from Christian principles.

It isn’t written with the sophistication that, say, “Time” had under Henry Luce, but then “Time” isn’t written at that level any longer either. 😉
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What is your opinion of Crisis Magazine?

I am a recent subscriber and have enjoyed my first couple of issues.
I haven’t read World much, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen. In particular, when the clergy sex-abuse scandal broke, IIRC, Christianity Today ran a piece lauding evangelicalism for being relatively free of “that sort of thing.” World, by contrast, ran a cover story candidly admitting that evangelicalism does have a clergy sex-abuse problem. I admired and appreciated that honesty and integrity.

BTW, if you’ve been reading World for a while, you may recall that its senior editor used to be one Roy Maynard. He hasn’t apepared in World’s pages much of late. That’s because he’s now Catholic. 😉 The folks at World are fairly ecumenical–but not that ecumenical. 😃


Bud Stewart:
Thanks Karl,

What is your opinion of Crisis Magazine?

I am a recent subscriber and have enjoyed my first couple of issues.
“Crisis” is a very good magazine. Its emphasis is mainly on culture and politics. I recommend it without reservation.
One of the editors at World is Bob Jones IV, son of the President of Bob Jones University. Bob IV is no longer affliated with the school but I don’t know why. I do know he attended graduate school at Notre Dame.

I myself have not seen much of an anti-catholic slant and I have looked but I only discovered this magazine a few months ago so I cannot speak for earlier issues.

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