Persecution of Roman Catholics

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I purchased a book titled “Blood of the Martyrs, Seed of the Church” and was amazed to read about the persecutions of Catholics in other countries. The Roman Catholic church is illegal in China—all Roman Catholics are underground. Read more about it here More amazing is most of the Christian products that we buy are “made in China”!!!
So few realize that the twentieth century, continuing still, has produced martyrs exceeding the number of the early Church. We must pray for them. First, that they may receive the grace to persevere in their Faith under such inhuman conditions and, if God Wills, to die in that Faith. Secondly, we must pray that such conditions be removed through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thirdly, that we will persevere to bring the world to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.
I wonder what the liberal media has to say to this!

“You mean…we have to…report this…but no wait we have more Abu Ghraib Pictures lets show them instead!”
Do a Google search for “Catholics/Christians and beheaded” and see how many are being beheaded around the world this very day for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, especially in the Sudan…by Muslims. (Rev. 20:4)

I recall the Holy Father saying that there have more Christian martyrs in the 20th century than there has been in ALL the history of Christianity. It’s only going to get worse. He told his bishops to go all the way with the Gospel…even to martyrdom if necessary.

God bless
I never knew this about China.

Now I am full of love for these priests.

I will pray for them.

And I will also write to my Prime Minister about helping free them.

Love Kellie
This is a hard thing to say but it is one more reason to say our Church is home. Christ promised that we would be persecuted and these men and women prove it out with their blood. Thanks Be to God for their faith.
From the February 2002 issue of Crisis Magazine.

This article is on the persecution of the Catholic Church in China today. I found the piece very encouraging, because it report what the believers of the true and whole truth are prepared to endure for Christ. You will not find works like this in the ‘secular media’.
There is a movie “China Cry” or “Cry China”, I can’t remember which it is. Anyway, it is the story of a Chinese girl, that on the surface is the perfect “party” girl. Once she has a teaching job, it is discovered that for a few years, she went to a Catholic School when she was young and before the Communist took over. As an adult, she admitted to being a Christian, even though she had not been to church since she was a young girl. She was eight months pregnant and after she made her confession, they lead her outside, blindfolded her and had the firing squad ready. Suddenly there was a flash of lightening, blinding everyone, except the main character. Needless to say she was not shot and eventually was released. This is a true story and a most amazing story.
Indeed, there are actually over 83 million Catholics in China, about 6% of the population. I am not sure if some of those are non-Catholic Christians, but I know that a large number of them are loyal to the Pope.

Unfortunately, Christianity today published this statistic in one of its issues, and China found out about it. They began hunting down these Christians with new fervor. It’s really a pity.
China also has a mockery of the Catholic Church ( I think it has the label “official”) that is loyal to the Communist Party, as opposed to the Underground Church which is loyal to Rome.
They just arested a Bishop not to long ago. Also in Vietnam all the priests are screened though the government and then allowed to be ordained. Same goes with the bishops in Vietnam, picked by the Government.
At least things are getting better than worse, heres an exerpt from

3) The Religious Angle – Pat Robertson has descried the anti-China lobby gathering force among religious conservatives as “morally irresponsible and politically ignorant. Few things bring people together like a common enemy,” he writes. “To some, China has done a masterful job of playing the villain. The China bashers prosper in direct mail and media campaigns, but they do not have the weight of righteousness on their side.” Wall Street Journal, June 30, 1998]

This nails the Sinophobes’ lobby for what it is: a cynical attempt to cash in on the gullibility of all too many conservatives, who are sincere in their anti-Communism but know next to nothing about China. Wiliiam McGurn, editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, and for many years associated with the conservative National Review, said it best. While not arguing that Beijing has established freedom of religion, he writes: “When American critics declare that things are getting worse, it prompts the great unasked question: Compared with what?” The “criticism now leveled by American Christian activists seems less a snapshot of China in the late 1990s than a caricature drawn from the high days of Maoism a generation ago.”

Christian churches were closed during the Cultural Revolution: Bibles were forbidden, all religious proselytizing was banned, and believers were often imprisoned, tortured, and killed. Today, government-sanctioned “patriotic” churches, including Catholics and the various Protestant denominations, function openly: Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network has aired its programs over state-run television. While there has been some resistance on the part of local Party officials to the cultural implications of China’s opening up to the West, these are isolated incidents that go against the national trend."
Do a Google search for Aid to Church in Need and you will find some information re persecutions of Christians/Catholics and what this wonderful organisation is doing to bring the Faith to countries in which Christians are persecuted.
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