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Below I am copying something I wrote and posted this morning. It was in a heated debate thread but I feel it applies to a lot of threads I’ve visited on these forums. They are just food for thought and I feel compelled to share.

These words are just my opinion. I’ll admit these opinions do not make me feel good and often cause me to pray to the Lord our God for forgivness for my judgemental thoughts for it is not possible for me to see what is in other’s hearts. If it’s not possible for me to see in others hearts I don’t see how anyone can see what’s in mine or another’s heart. I am writing this so some have some food for thought because I do interpret hurtful wording in some posts that seem to be lacking in charity, hope or compassion.

Most comparisons I’ve seen, seem to have malice associated with them. It seems some take advantage of these comparisons in order to throw out words like “Nazis” intended to strike against those with opposing views. I’ve seen words like communism, socialism, evil and many other negatives, too many to list and to be honest I don’t want to remember them all.

Some prefer to use condescending wording to make those of an opposing views feel belittled or worse.

It seems there is so little care about the effect these words have on others. Others who maybe truly seeking a righteous path to the Father. Others who maybe close to coming around and yet are delayed in changing their views when treated this way. Some are weak and I would hate for anything I’ve said to cause one to despair and slow down their seeking the truth or even worse and give up the search.

Our words and attitudes may be interpreted as a win in a debate when in all actually it might have set someone firmly in a wrong belief and caused them problems in their own search for salvation. Just because someone does not continue an argument does not mean we have beaten them. It could very well have meant we lost our battle.

For all have sinned and need the glory of God. The effect of sins against God cannot be measured by men. We cannot think wholly like God.

As our Church teaches us, we should seek to change evil with an all encompassing love. Because of this I pray and beg that we consider our words carefully and pray before hitting the “Submit Reply” button.

As I’ve stated, this is food for thought and I truly mean no offense to anyone with what I have written. I confess, I am a sinner and need the glory of God. I truly wish to imitate the life of Christ and will admit, it’s not always easy.

I’d like to share a portion of a prayer I try to say daily, “Put your love in my heart that I may magnify your tenderness and compassion to all, even those that seem unlovable”. I don’t know who authored the prayer but I find this part meaningful in my seeking the love of God.

If I’ve offended anyone with this post, I beg your forgiveness and prayers.

I love you all and I pray for all of us.

We truly live in difficult times.

Howard, I can appreciate what you wrote. I’ve had my feelings hurt more than once by someone talking about divorce and sin. Another time someone who disagreed with my opinion said he doubted my faith. Many times I’ve started a response only to read it and cancel it without posting.

Disagreeing with someone or something is certainly a part of discussion, but sometimes a statement will hurt one who is vulnerable.
Your words were well thought out and came from the heart. I appreciate what you have said and (I think) most of us could find something to relate to at one time or another in our process of life.

God Bless,
Andi V.
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