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Please communicate with the Bishops before their coming June meeting. Go to the following link:

I sent the following letter:

Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory,

With the June meeting of the U.S. Bishops fast approaching, we beseech you to make faithful lay Catholic opinions known to you fellow Bishops (regarding the protection of Church teachings).

We especially call on you as President to speak with a clear voice in support of all teachings contained in “Redemptionis Sacramentum.”

Further, please note that while the U.S. Bishops are divided on the issue of pro-choice people receiving communion, you can rest assured that a great many faithful Catholics in the pews eagerly await a strong statement about that issue (and we pray you make a strong statement well in advance of the coming Novemeber elections).

Please go to the discussion forum on the “Catholic Answers” website in order to see for yourself how strongly Catholics desire courageous and strong Bishops.

May God Bless you with His Grace and Love always, and please be certain that our prayers are always with you, the Pope, and all clergy.

Submitted with love and respect.
You are most welcome. I pray many more members will send emails to Bishop Gregory.

Text below if any are interested. Feel free to plagerize if you want.

Your Excellency,

I understand that the June meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is approaching. Undoubtedly you will have many important issues to discuss, not the least of which will be the items contained in the National Review Board and John Jay reports. You have my prayers as you consider these grave matters.

There is one matter to which I would like to draw your attention in the hopes that it may be discussed at the meeting. In March, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacrament issued an instruction entitled "Redemptionis Sacramentum.” As reported in the media, many were quite scandalized with regards to how this instruction might be applied to Catholic politicians who support abortion “rights.” I saw many “news” and opinion pieces accusing the Church of being “autocratic” and declaring that She should “stay out of politics.” You have probably heard from many who have urged you and the other bishops to ignore or downplay this instruction.

I would like to add my voice to the other side. I am writing to encourage you to use your June meeting to meditate on the teachings in “Redemptionis Sacramentum” and issue a clear statement declaring that the instruction contained therein will be fully upheld in the United States, especially with regards to those who publicly support abortion “rights.” The Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life are a bright beacon shining out in the midst of our culture of death. That light must not be dimmed! To see those teachings proudly flaunted by those, such as my former governor Gray Davis, who claim to be “good Catholics” most assuredly leads many of the faithful astray. I have personally known Catholics who cited Governor Davis or Governor Mario Cuomo’s opinions on abortion and their supposed status as “devout Catholics” as justification for their own support of abortion “rights.” Your flock is being led astray on this issue by “Catholic” leaders. The Conference, as shepherds, needs to correct this by clearly re-affirming the Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life and establishing consequences for those who publicly challenge that doctrine.

Over the last few years, several books have been published in the United States accusing the Catholic Church of being complacent (or worse) during the holocaust. I know that much of what was contained in those books were lies and exaggerations, but I fear we may see more books in the future accusing the Catholic Church of being complacent (or worse) during the second holocaust that is now occurring – the war against the unborn known as the “fight for abortion rights.” Your Excellency, I do not want the Conference to end up as a footnote in some future book charging the Church with not standing up to “Catholic” foot-soldiers waging war against the unborn. My hope and prayer, rather, is that you and the Conference will be identified as the turning point in calling our nation to repentance. Please use the occasion of your June meeting to provide guidance for the faithful on this important matter.

Yours in Christ,

Los Angeles, California

Great letter…if I had not already sent mine, I would have copied yours.

God Bless
Calvin, that letter is suberb. Excellent!

I wasn’t going to send a letter, but I most definately will now.
I’m glad to see the bishops are getting some feedback from faithful Catholics. I also sent an email to as many of the bishops as I could get email addresses for (some went to their secretaries or communications people). Email is tricky though; we all get so much spam that I fear most will never be read by the bishops themselves. That’s not to discourage anyone from pursuing it, because if they get enough of them, their staff will take notice and because even if only a few get read, it could make a difference.

I would like to suggest, though, that all of you who are still in a writing mood consider writing hard copy letters to the members of the bishops’ task force on the politicians/communion issue (it’s a little more broadly stated than that, but that’s the main issue). Their addresses are at the USCCB site under bishops. They are Cardinals McCarrick and Keeler, Bishops Harrington, Kicanas, Wenski, Ricard, and Archbishop Levada. Don’t forget to express support for those like Wenski who have been fairly courageous in their statements and to tell them you are praying for them. As you know, time is of the essence. God bless.
I see they appointed the most Orthodox bishops possible to be on the task-force (sarcasm)
Here is a copy of my letter (misspellings I am sure)

Your Grace,

As your June Meeting with your brother bishops approach, I can only imagine the weight that is upon your shoulders. As a lay Catholic, you bishops are our shephards, and we look to you for leadership and teaching.

I imagine you have received a large number of emails and correspondances concerning the reception of Communion by those individuals in manifest disagreement with the Church. I will not pretend I can tell you what to do, I only ask that you take note of St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians and the Early Fathers, that Communion is a sign of Unity not only with Christ but with the Church. To be in union with Christ and the Church is to be loyal to the Magisterium and the teachings of the Church and I hope you will step out in that direction, that to receive one should not be in public manifest sin.

Another, pressing issue, is the level of Catechesis. I am a College Student and regretably I did not benefit from Orthodox Catholic Catechesis, rather a more touchy-feely, God Loves Me As I Am Catechesis seemed to be the rule and sadly I feel that that continues today. I Teach Confirmation students and I saddened by how little basis in the faith they have, and even amongst my fellow College Catholics, how uninformed we are. Please, take a stand and give us the Authentic Teaching of the Church, we desire it, we crave it. Please, I Pray, give it to us.

God Bless

I was wondering how those Bishops were selected for the task at hand.
Those on the task force are the heads of the following USCCB committees, some of whom changed in November 2003:Domestic Policy (McCarrick); Pro-life (Keeler);Education (Harrington); Communications (Kicanas); Migration (Wenski); International Relations (Ricard) and Levada (Doctrine).
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