Poll: Catholics: Paper or Plastic?

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Just wanted to see how fellow Catholics feel about this subject
Plastic=will be around for YEARS to come, chokes landfills and smells bad when it burns. :eek:
The two together makes it easy to carry heavy groceries.
Yes, you can have both!

A lot of stores only have plastic bags which really is not very environmentally friendly.

If only we could go back to only paper. Then I wouldn’t have to buy my kids book covers.
Are you talking bags? or money?

Either way, both are useful.

I chose “Both”, but a better answer would be “Whatever”. 😃
Plastic to pick up the dog do-do
Paper to put the recyclable newspapers in
Plastic to wrap up stinky diapers in.
Paper to cut arms and a head hole out of to make robot costumer for kids.
Putting groceries in those plastic bags is almost like not putting it in anything: it just doesn’t stack up.

As for paying for it, paper is less dangerous than plastic.

Paper wins on 2 counts.
I use both, but I really seldom use plastic except when I am at wal-mart because that is all they have, or to put my cold meats in at the grocerie store. The meat sweats and makes the paper tear. I don’t like having the plastic bags at home and the recycle company won’t take them, plus alot more I can do with paper.
How in the Heck can you play crash car derby with plastic, duh.

I use paper when they are available. Some stores are getting rid of them. The baggers tend to fill up the paper bags nicely, & often put only 1 item in the plastic ones.(i hate the wastefulness of that!) They get impatient w/me for not having each different fruit & veggie wrapped in those produce plastic bags, too. I tell them “This grows in the dirt, anyway” or "God already gave it a package(oranges, etc.)

I do recycle my MILs plastics to wrap stinky diapers in & for use in sm. trash cans. She shops a store w/paper. We also take them to our church’s soup kitchen for use.

BTW, check w/you grocery store. Some will give you 5c or 10c off for every bag you bring from home to reuse.
Our local grocery stores have recycle bins to bring back your empties to.
They’re stronger and more versatile. Trees don’t need to be cut down to make them and both take up the same amount of space in a landfill.
Plastic bags can be used over and over again and don’t degrade/fall apart when they get wet.

I am split on the issue, they both make great garbage bags which is how I recycle store bags anyway. I advocate the plastic because if you get something we in the paper one then you are in for alot of cleanup, not fun at all. Though paper is biodegradeable decisions, decisions…
We don’t get paper bags over here all that much. Only for holding little things, so you’ve gotta use a plastic one anyway…
Plastic, makes excellent trash bags for restroom trash cans…and cars.
Most stores want you to use plastic, but have paper if you ask
Even though paper bags are biodegradeable, they don’t degrade into more trees. The chemicals needed to make plastics are ultimately derived from oil, which also doesn’t replenish quickly. And recycling either requires energy, which generally comes from trees, fossil fuels, or nuclear energy (which produces quite a bit of waste). So any way you look at it, use of both paper and plastic is harmful for the environment. What our culture needs to do is move away from the “disposable” mentality and start making things that are meant to last.

I prefer to back my truck right up to the register and throw it all in the bed.
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