Prayer: in your head or out loud?

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I found that praying out loud is the best way to stay focused for LOTH and to pray at the right pace, attentively and reverently. I am also getting old because I find myself chatting to God, Jesus, Mary, a saint, my guardian angel, the Holy Spirit throughout the day. It’s getting so I have to watch myself at work or they are going to think I’m nuts.
Drat it where is my cell phone, Dear Anthony, please . . . oh here it is, thanks Tony. Now Angel, I have to make this call to an angry parent please smoothe the conversation. Mary, help this mother who is struggling, you understand her pain. Now where are my keys, hey, Tony … . . dang the mice have been in here again, Francis can’t you convince them to stay outside, they have chewed up my mouse pad, please explain to them the meaning of the term. Now I have to plan the Confirmation meeting for Sunday. Come Holy Spirit enlighten and guide me, and please speak to the candidates and sponsors through the words of your catechists and the resources we are using. I wish we could afford to give bibles to every candidate, Jesus please help us find a way to brint your Word to them, and by the way, I just got an e-mail about my niece who needs your guidance please speak to her, you know her heart best.

. . . . I am babbling like this a lot of the time, sometimes out loud. scary
Me to sign of old age, maybe but clearer I hope what ever keep on I say.
God bless
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