Prayer vs God's will

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My husband and I have been praying that God will bless us w/a baby. But I also think that God will only answer our prayer if it is His will (or He’ll answer it in His way not ours.) Sometimes I think that He will answer our prayers and other times I tell myself that I need to accept God’s will which might not be that we are blessed with a child. Then I feel guilty that I’m not faithful enough in my prayers and in God. I feel like I’m stuck in a “circular reference” - either I can believe God will answer my prayers or I can believe that God will do what’s best for me. Can I do both???

Remember that God always answers each one of our prayers. It’s just that the answer is not always what we might be looking for.

Keep in mind that God is our Father. If we are petitioning Him through our prayers, it is like a small child asking his parent for something he wants. A loving parent always listens to his child, but will doesn’t always say “Yes” all the time. What God’s answer is, and the timing of His answer, will be in accord with His Will and what your loving Father knows is best for you.

God may answer your prayers in suprising ways, but it will be on His time table.

Children are a great blessing. Many here on this forum will no doubt be praying for you and your husband.
Pax Christi,
My wife and I have also had problems getting pregnant. It was very hard on both of us (especially her). She had dreamed of being a mother her whole life. We prayed and continued trying while it seemed everyone around us was getting pregnant on their first try. Her sister even got pregnant on her honeymoon. But we were persistent in prayer. Like you we questioned ourselves and God’s will for us. We knew we wanted children. Everything was in place in our life except for that. It was the hardest time in our lives, but through it all we remained close as husband and wife. Continue praying. Our Lord asks us to be persistent in our prayers. And if you find yourself doubting, and it’s only human to doubt, then pray this simple prayer: “I believe Lord, heal my unbelief”.

To finish our story, we eventually looked into adopting through Catholic Social Services. It took a little over a year, but 11 months ago we were blessed with a baby boy we named Andrew. He’s the answer to our prayers and hopefully the first of many. I have no doubt God will answer your prayers. Only time will tell how.

Our prayers are with you,
Don’t forget to pray for the graces to accept the answer to the prayer.
I’d like to echo what Matt has said.

The Lord knows our wishes and wants before we do. When we do start praying for something He knows at what time and when He feels we are ready. I know as well how hard it can be when you feel as though you are ready for a baby but the Lord doesn’t necessarily agree. It is not to say he is denying you completely but right now He see’s other things for you. He may very well surprise you when you least expect it.
Please keep praying though that He will show you his mercy and as hard as it may be, don’t lose hope.
I will be praying for you in this hard time. I know that this might be a little harsh considering the circumstances but have you considered adoption? I know that it isn’t the same as having a baby youself but they are kids to you know? Every Child needs loving God-fearing parents like youselves. Hopefully you will get God’s answer soon, but remember God works on God’s time not in our time, I have to keep telling my self that in my discernment. God Bless
Or as Bishop Sheen put it:

“… there are not two kinds of answers to prayer, but three. One is ‘Yes.’ Another is ‘No.’ The third is ‘Wait.’” Bishop Fulton Sheen

God bless,
Thanks for sharing and we will have you in our prayers:thumbsup:
As a mother myself I know how very much my husband and I wanted a baby but I was also more than ready to adopt if we were not blessed in this way.
My own mother, when she was 13 yrs old knew that she would never bear children. She’s not sure how, but she just knew.
I was adopted through Catholic Social Services at 3 weeks of age. My mother and I have such a strong bond - she’s now 68 and I’m 44 and I can’t imagine a better mother/daughter relationship.
It says something that I have never felt the need to seek out my “birth mother”.
The only other mother I need is our Blessed Virgin Mary.

I will pray that you will be given this gift of motherhood. God will do what is best for you and your husband. In my case, God brought my mother and I together and I praise and thank Him everyday. Just wanted to share this with you and to let you know that a birthed child is not necessary to have a love-filled, fulfilling life as a parent.
My prayers are with you.
I highly recommend praying through the intercession of our Mother. Often when I pray to God, I ask him not to pay attention to my prayers if I have asked for something that would not lead me closer to Him, or if I have thought of Him in an incorrect way, and to guide my prayers so that they are pleasing to Him.

I love praying through Mary because it shows love and respect for her which is also love and respect for God Himself. I think God is very pleased with humility in prayer and praying through Mary is a profound way of showing humility. Even our prayers are imperfect, but Mary can take our petitions and praise and perfect them before presenting them to our Lord. What a pleasing way of showing humility by asking our Mother for help.

For trouble with pregnancy, I recommend praying through the intercession of St. Elizabeth. In her time, not having children would bring ridicule or scorn. She would certainly know the pain of not being able to conceive and I think would be a comfort to talk to. You have many saints, our family in heaven, who are there to pray with you and comfort you.

And of course, I’ll pray for you too.
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