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My question is general in the fact that I am searching for truth and I am examining the Catholic faith. What would be the best resources for me to study? I have many questions: the papal succession, veneration of Mary, the ‘real presence’, etc (I guess the usual questions a Protestant would have). I feel that many things that I have learned about Catholicism over the years just isn’t fair or true to the faith. I need ‘good’ sources of study and not those tainted by the bias of anti-Catholicism.

Thanks for your consideration.
How to Become a Catholic

The resources linked in the sidebar at the article above should get you started. I also recommend David Currie’s conversion story Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic because his purpose in publishing it was to help his Evangelical family and friends to understand why he decided to become Catholic, and thus wrote his story in a manner accessible to Protestants.

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic
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