Questions about having a spiritual director

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Hi, all.

I’m a little confused. I think it would be excellent to have a spiritual director, but what do you do with one? How do you know you need one? Where do you look for one?

I’ve been trying to locate a qualified director for myself, but I’m secretly afraid I’d just be wasting his/her time…that I’m not far enough along in my prayer life, a lightweight.

Can anyone offer some suggestions or experiences?

To answer your questions simply, you talk with them about your spiritual journey. I personally think that everyone needs a good spiritual director to help them grow in holines and dig deeper into their spiritual life. Some people are happy with the spiritual direction that the priest imparts in his homilies, finding that they are at a stage where that challenges them enough, and they can be very spritual and holy people that way. Others need more guidance. Traditionally those people have been seminarians, priests and religious, but spiritual directors are in no need limited to these people. Seminarians, priests, and religious need to be challenged in their faith by a spritiul director to be able to help the people of God, yet the laity can benefit from such guidence as well.

As to wasting their time, I don’t think that anyone who truly wants to grow in their own spiritual life would be wasting a spiritual directors time, unless you went and then didn’t listen to what they told you. To find a spritual director, ask your priest or go to a local monestary, or even convent. There are also other ways to grow in your spritual life without a spiritual director, such as prayer groups and Bible studies, it just depends on where you feel you are at and what would benefit you the most. You can also let the saints be your director by reading their works.

I hope that helps and good luck finding a spiritual director.
Thank you for your suggestions, Mjohn1453 and GoodForm. I’ll count on the Lord’s guidance, and in the meantime I’ll look up Fr. Dubay’s book.

God’s blessings to you both.
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