RCIA in New York City?

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I am interested in attending RCIA classes in New York. I emailed the New York director several days ago, but have not heard back yet. I wasn’t able to find much information on the site of the archdiocese. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it. Thanks! 🙂
Hi Perla, Do you live in NY?

Because then you can approach a specific Parish and speak to the Pastor about RCIA

NY Archdiocese is very large, so I think it would be easier to go to a specific Parish.
the best person to approach is the pastor of the closest Catholic parish to where you live or work (try both, it may be easier to find meeting times that fit your schedule). He will interview you and refer you to the people in the parish who will be working with you on RCIA-Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults–preparing you for reception into the Catholic Church

welcome home!
if you are in midtown, try St. Francis of Asissi on 31st st, by madison Sq garden
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