Read the bible in a year plan

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I read a post a while ago where somebody had posted a link to a pdf plan of reading the catholic bible in a year. anyone have it?

I tried a search but can’t find it, and want to print it for a friend 🙂 any help would be great!

Thanks for the bible reading plan. There are others that vary from this.

I have more bible editions than I care to admit. I just bought the second edition of the Ignatius Press RSV, which has larger print than that first “compact edition.”

I have to say that it is SO readable, I really like it. I’m not reading too much. In fact, I find it so interesting, that I read a couple chapters each day. I have read Genesis, Job, and just finished Exodus in about two weeks, well ahead of the reading schedule. It just makes sense for continuity to keep reading. Also, I tried to start reading the Bible in a couple places at the same time, but each place was too interesting to keep me on that pace. I decided to just read one book at a time.

I counted up 1330 chapters in the Catholic Bible (each psalm is one chapter). So, having read Gen, Ex, and Job, that’s 50+40+40 chapters, or 130, or about 10% of the entire bible, reckoned just by the number of chapters (not pages). I like to keep track of my progress that way, to give me a feeling of achievement.

I want to read through the whole bible before I start looking at commentaries more deeply, like Scott Hahn’s Bible Course book, or whatever it is called. I want to READ it so I know what he’s talking about.

I’m using a pencil to highlight verses that impress me, and I copy verses onto those blank pages at the end of the Bible text. I’m sure I will run out of space for that.

What specially impressed me so far, was the description of the instructions for the Passover Feast, in Exodus. It’s so Catholic!

You know the story: The Israelites are not only to sacrifice the Passover lamb, they are to consume it. That is SO Catholic, because we Catholics eat and drink the Body and Blood of the Lord. We consume the ultimate Passover Victim, as the Israelites consumed the lamb, which forshadowed our Divine Meal.

This edition has very few comments, and I crack open other editions that I expect to have some commentary on difficult or interesting passages.
Here is an online plan to read the Catholic Bible in a year. You can start it any time.
The updated “Read the Bible and Catechism in a Year” guide published by the Coming Home Network International is available at the following URL (the earlier link is no longer valid):
Thanks so much for posting this! I am going to start TODAY! I wanted to start to read the entire Bible for Lent; the Catechism is a GREAT bonus!
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