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Is there a limit on the amount of times one can receive Communion in one day? For example, I attended a Funeral Mass on a Saturday morning and then attended the Vigil that evening. I received Communion at both Masses. Was that wrong? And one Sunday I received Communion at the 9:30 am Mass and then returned to Church for a special Divine Mercy Sunday Mass at 3:00 pm and received Communion at both Masses that Sunday. I’d appreciate any guidance on this subject. God bless you!
You may receive Holy Communion 2 times per day, provided you attened Mass (and did not receive during a Eucharistic service, etc.) during at least your second and final reception of the Sacrament
Where did you get that information Crusader I was told by my priest that as long as you follow the fasting regulations, and make it to the whole mass you can recieve as many times as you go. It then becomes a logistical thing, how do you make it to more than two or three masses in a day? Unless you are a priest then you can do as many masses as you want. As far as I know there is no limit, why should you limit a good thing?
This can be found in the Code of Canon Law. Canon 917 limits reception of Holy Communion to twice in one day with the exception of Viaticum.

Can. 917 One who has received the blessed Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only within a eucharistic celebration in which that person participates, without prejudice to the provision of can. 921 §2.

Canon 921 refers to Viaticum which may be given to someone in danger of death.
Here is some more information on canon 917:
Acta Apostolicae Sedis LXXVI (1984) pp. 746-747.
The doubt: Whether, according to c. 917, one who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist may receive it on the same day only second time, or as often as one participates in the celebration of the Eucharist.
The response: Affirmative to the first. Negative to the second.
Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, July 11, 1984.
Here is the canon relating to the number of times a priest can say mass in a day:
Canon 905 §1 Apart from those cases in which the law allows him to celebrate or concelebrate the Eucharist a number of times on the same day, a priest may not celebrate more than once a day.
§2 If there is a scarcity of priests, the local Ordinary may for a good reason allow priests to celebrate twice in one day or even, if pastoral need requires it, three times on Sundays or holydays of obligation.
It is wonderful to receive Communion at least once a day…and over the past few years I’ve been able to attend Mass almost daily…

But I’ve also heard that it’s not good to overdo receiving Communion twice a day…not that it isn’t good…does anyone have any feedback on that?
…But I’ve also heard that it’s not good to overdo receiving Communion twice a day…not that it isn’t good…does anyone have any feedback on that?
I suppose that would depend on the individual and their spiritual needs.

The Church does permit it, and I can certainly see no harm in it.

I do, however, think regular reception of the Eucharist more than once a day is probably best suited for the religious or contemplative lifestyle.
we’re writing a paper on this topic for class at Seminary right now, so I’ll have a response soon, hahaha, as soon as we get our essays back…
right now, as far as I know, yes, as according to the much quoted canon 917, one may receive Communion twice a day.
Why not more? Especially because it’s a good thing?
Well part of it has to do with bringing something to every Mass. You bring a sacrifice with you (which is also your disposition to receive grace) to Mass and so if you go once a day, you have something to bring and an openness to receive.
If you want to receive Communion more than once, it is likely that you will not have anything new to bring to Mass, although you may have sinned and so can ‘top up’ on grace. However, this is probably why the Church allows you to receive twice per day. Theoretically, I suppose it is possible that one could receive Holy Eucharist many (3+) times per day, each time bringing a new sacrifice, but I suppose the Church in her wisdom knows this is unlikely and so forbids it to save us from falling into abusing this Sweet Sacrament.
Also, our state of life can determine the reasonableness of doing so, for it is unlikely that one would be able to do their proper duties - work, housewife, etc. - and attend numerous Masses per day.
Lastly, I’ve also heard the analogy given (though analogies are always more dissimilar than they are similar), that the Holy Eucharist is the greatest gift, and to receive Him more than once, is like saying, “Thanks for the gift God, can I have another one?”

I hope this helps…
Pax Christi vobiscum, Nic Carvalho
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