Sacramental Marriage?

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How do I know if my marriage is “Sacramental”?

My spouse is not Catholic, but rather a “soldier” of the Salvation Army. They do not baptize with water, but rather take a pledge called a “dedicaton” which they equate with Christian baptism.

Prior to marriage we attended pre-Cana with my parish Priest. He indicated that it would be acceptable to have our wedding at the local Salvation Army Corps.

A Catholic Priest was not present at the wedding.

How could I find out if my marriage was performed and approved to be “sacramental”?

Humeterous en Christos
Dear Hum,

If your spouse is not baptized, then your marriage is not sacramental. At this point I’m wondering if it is even valid. You need to see a priest and give him all the specifics regarding your wedding.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
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