Saint Joseph "Home Seller" Kits?

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I work in a Catholic gift shop that sells Saint Joseph “Home Seller” kits. They seem to be really, really popular sellers amongst the customers.

The owners of the store are pretty orthodox, conservative Catholics who always make it a point to sell items that are faithful to Catholic teaching … but the little statue seems questionable, it seems more like a superstition, especially when one is instructed to bury it in a certain area of their yard. In doing so, it helps sell the house.

What’s with the Homeseller craze? Can’t you just pray to Saint Joseph and ask him to help him sell your home? Thanks!
I’ve heard about this St. Joseph statue thing, in fact I did bury a statue once. Actually, I was told to buy a statue and then bury it after the sale, but the statue got accidentally broken and so I buried it.

Anyways, this type of thing seems like a folk superstition to me, but if done with reverent intent it won’t hurt, I suppose. I don’t ask God for special worldly favors though, I’d rather have spiritual help to overcome sin.

As far as the real estate in question, I did sell it, it was a restaurant and building. But, it probably would have sold anyways. I sold it with a lease/contract to buy, the people followed through on it, they were not the best but always paid on time. They sold it to someone else last year who took over the contract, and I still receive a nice monthly payment with a good interest rate. 🙂
This practice has always bothered me for the same reasons: it smacks of superstition. Why not just pray a novena to St. Joseph or set up a little statue of him in your home so people can see it?
The store owner needs to be politely informed that selling these kits is wrong. I wrote about this in another thread here… its mixing superstition and our faith…which is a form of witchcraft… to “bind” a saint until they do your bidding is gravely wrong.
Very defininely supersticion. Simply pray to Saint Joseph, don’t bury him upside down in the lawn!🙂
Some even say that you are supposed to bury the Statue upside-down. 👍

ugh :nope:
I agree…


I am sure St. Joseph helped us sell our last home! We didn’t bury him though. That was too weird. We put the statue on a shelf and said the prayer to St. Joseph every night.

And it sold in a week. (It had been on the market for months!)
How the burying of St. Joseph started was that centuries ago when the nuns wanted to purchase property to build their convents, they would bury medals of St Joseph on the land they wanted and ask for him to provide the means.

The bottom line is your faith and confidence in his helping you to put a new roof over your head.
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