Saint Thérèse of Lisieux movie will be out Oct. 1, 2004!

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Oh, my. This whole time that Mel Gibson was putting together The Passion of the Christ (paying for it entirely out of his own pocket), another film-maker – Leonardo Defippis (LUKE PRODUCTIONS) has put together a movie on St. Therese of Lisieux! 😃

The Story of an Ordinary Girl with an Extraordinary Soul

This movie about Saint Therese of Lisieux is 100 percent funded by donations by lay people. 👍

The official website for THERESE, a major motion picture on the life of Saint Therese of Lisieux, produced by Luke Films and directed by Leonardo Defilippis.

Drop by the Web site and find out more… watch several trailers… hear the music… read about the actors and the production staff. Two of the minute-long films on the Web site are of people coming out of two different theaters after having seen the advance showings of this movie.

The more clicks on the site means that the more Hollywood knows that there ARE people out there who VERY MUCH will go see that movie if it is shown in their area.

Let us pray… 👍 :o

(I could listen to that tune playing on the Web site all day… so beautiful!!) 😃


Greetings and Peace,


The momentum for the national release of THÉRÈSE this OCTOBER 1ST, 2004 is building and the hunger for this film about the precious soul of Saint Thérèse is certainly increasing. All of us must double our efforts to bring the life of THÉRÈSE to this modern age. Please encourage everyone you know to fill out the support form SEE THÉRÈSE on the website,, to bring THÉRÈSE to your community. You’ll find the SEE THÉRÈSE support form in the upper right hand corner of the main page.


Be sure to check out the latest THÉRÈSE news and information at

Enter Flash or HTML.

Click on “Showing the Miracle”, second rose from the top on the main page.

Then click on the “IN THE NEWS” section, found at the bottom of the page.

This section features various editorials, feature stories, interviews, and the most recent THÉRÈSE buzz. In addition, IN THE NEWS will provide you with the latest calendar information for upcoming media interviews with THÉRÈSE cast and crew on various television broadcasts and radio airwaves. Visit IN THE NEWS often so you don’t miss an opportunity to hear the latest THÉRÈSE news!


We now have a Spanish web-address for the THÉRÈSE site! Go to and click on .

If you have friends or Church contacts who speak Spanish, please encourage them to visit the site and explore the new Spanish Forums on the Discussion Board. We must create a network of Spanish support for THÉRÈSE. Spanish promotional materials are now available. If you’d like to receive them, e-mail us at with your e-mail address and we’ll send you an electronic-promo pack. Help us spread the message of THÉRÈSE to the Spanish world.

God bless you,

Luke Films
PO BOX 761
Beaverton, OR 97075


Dear Friends of Saint Thérèse,

Have you seen the new THÉRÈSE article, ‘Holy Box Office’, on the National Review website?

Check it out at You’ll find it under the movie section.

Tell us what you think about the article. If you like the article, e-mail it to a friend.

Thanks and keep spreading the word about THERESE.
I’ve been looking forward to the release of this movie. I plan on taking the whole family!
Its about time, I look forward to viewing this movie with my family. I think it will a surprise hit.
I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this film! I also
plan on bringing the whole family! 🙂
I have started an Online petition so that people can show their support of the movie, since the movie’s release will be based on how much support is in a specific area.

US Petition: 104 signatures

International Petition: 32 Signatures

Sign the Petition!! Help support!!

you can also view how many people are required for your area in order for release of THERESE in your area:…sh/numbers.html

and a fan website i have created along with a message board

The Little Flower is my wife’s patron saint, and I have a soft spot in my heart for her as well.

I may actually have to go to the theater for that one, if it actually comes to our one-horse town. And we will be getting the DVD.

yes it was supposed to, but they didnt have enough money to release it
Petition now at 157! I am going to try and get my friends and community to sign this petition. We need movies like this on our life!
the recent interview with Patti Defilippis, the screenwriter of THERESE, is now available to download in audio form:

you can also download it directly here:

the online petition is currently at 166 signatures, still not nearly enough that can make an impact

please, join this effort, make hollywood take notice of this little film. just think if thousands of people start to sign this petition, it would surely get attention and release in many more theaters.

you can also get even more involved with e-mailing online media websites, to learn more check out my forum:
alright people! THERESE still needs your help!!

the release of THERESE is going to be released into theaters on October 1st, except that where exactly THERESE is going to be released is unknown.

so you can help bring THERESE to your theater!!

sign the petition:

donate money:

get the word out!! Tell everyone to help out, even the media!
I think that everyone should probably just stick to the link on the site to request the movie:

If you go to
then once the new window pops up click on the “Showing the Miracle” at the bottom and go and put your info into their system to request the movie at your local theatre by clicking on the “HELP BRING THERESE TO A MAINSTREAM THEATRE NEAR YOU”

We ought to support this since it is going to be a good movie anyway and WAY better than the smut that “Hollywiered” usually tries to push on us.
I really didn’t like this movie much. Thérèse seemed to have a rather spaced-out expression at times. It was too sacharine for me. I recently saw the french Thérèse (1986), which contrasts quite noticably in style, but I think is far superior in getting its message across.
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