Saved!: An Anti-Christian Film

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Macaulay Culkin and others came out with a movie recently called “Saved!” which is about a stuffy Catholic school and how they treat a pregnant girl poorly. The protagonists in the movie are the ones who stray from their faiths.

I had not heard of this movie until I was looking at the box office sales today. Fortunately, it seems like no one else has, either: in its first weekend, it has made less than half a million dollars, which is only about a fraction of Macaulay Culkin’s net worth when he was 10 years old.

Macaulay Culkin…he was so cute in Home Alone. ;_; I feel a bit sorry for him. It sounds like his parents tried to take a large sum of money from him, and as a result his life went terribly wrong. He admits openly to doing different types of drugs, and he was married at 16, divorced by 18. I’ll be praying that he sees the wrong in his ways.

So, has anyone else heard about this movie? Again, I didn’t even know it existed before today.
I read about it in a website I read that rates movies. I thought to myself “I’ve never heard of it, so it must have not been popular.” I guess I was right. o_o; Haha.
Well…I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it isn’t popular; at least not yet.

It was only released in select cities, which explains its low numbers at the box office.

As for my opinion…although I have not seen it, I am a bit torn on the subject. I think (from what I’ve heard/read) that it’s primary objective is to poke fun at Conservative Christianity. However, one of the issues examined in the movie is the idea of having a problem, but being afraid to turn to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ for help, for fear of being looked-down upon. I think that’s a real problem in the church today.

My $0.02

I looked this movie up, and while I don’t think it looks like anything good, it is not a Catholic high school that these students are a part of. It says that it is a Christian High School, though, and a video clip that is on there says something about how if a Jewish classmate accepted Jesus into her heart she could join in on the fun of Christmas.
A friend of mine wanted me to go see it with her (and I still might, later today, who knows?) Anyways, my friend recommended to me beacuse it was " ‘my brand’ of Christianity:‘I may disagree with what you are doing, but I still love you’ "
I was infuriated. First off, are there any other brands of Christianity?
To stop a rant, I’ll stay on topic. I read the reviews on it, and the movie isn’t about forgiveness, or faith. It does take place at a “Christian highschool”. From what I’v read its more of the relativistic, “I’m ok, you’re ok”, namby-pamby, wimpish, drivel we’ve come to expect from Hollywood.

Go Mel, you might be the only hope for Hollywood!
Thanks for the correction on the Catholic school thingamajigger.

I had actually just gone to Saved!'s website and saw the very movie you mentioned, hk.
I don’t think this movie is about forgiveness…but I haven’t watched it only read about it online. One synopsisI read said this:

Good girl Mary (Jena Malone) can’t believe it when she gets pregnant by her newly-gay boyfriend. She also can’t believe the actions of her popular, relentlessly devout best friend, Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore), who’s looking after her wheelchair-bound brother Roland (Macaulay Culkin), attempting to convert adamantly Jewish Cassandra (Eva Amurri), and trying to snag cute newcomer Patrick (Patrick Fugit), a hip skateboarding missionary. By the time Mary’s secret is revealed, Hilary Faye has gone to extremes to get the outsiders expelled from school, with spectacular results, and Mary is forced to decide what’s worth believing in the first place. In this dark comedy, a young, talented cast comes together to get Saved.
The writer/director has made one other short movie called “He Bop”

Plot Outline: Sixteen year old Ryan Walker struggles to find his gay identity guided by the spirit of his dead grandmother
So, has anyone else heard about this movie? Again, I didn’t even know it existed before today.
I saw four people discussing “Saved!” on Fox News the other day, and everyone seemed to think it went against Christianity except for the person who made the movie. His opinions sounded rather skewed to me, but that’s my opinion.
My first reaction to this movie is horror. (I can’t imagine what I’d do if it was about Catholics…) However, I think I’m just going to come out with it: I must go see this movie.

Why? Because judging by the clips the girls portrayed are girls I work with. (No, I don’t work with Mandy Moore, but if I did, yowsa!) I work with purported traditional, Christian girls. One of them is a Catholic University of America-educated Catholic. She’s the judgemental one. Me and the guys call another girl “the prophet,” because she literally believes God is telling her to pray for rock stars. Our job frequently brings us into contact with the famous, so she believes her “messages from above” are confirmed. A third Christian girl has distorted things about me and used them to try to hurt me. She’s a gossip, a drama queen, and a back-stabber. Her defense of herself: “I guess I’m too honest. People don’t like that.”

Since I keep it professional in the office, and have ZERO contact with these hypocrites outside of it, I’m all pent up inside. This movie will be a great release. 👍
It’s time to do some universalizing reasoning. Montanaman, if everyone went to go see this movie for the same reasons you did, then the producers would earn more money, probably to make more films portraying Christians poorly. I’m sorry, but whether I can relate to the movie or not, I cannot support such movies with a clean conscience.

Just curious: what would the uproar be if they made a movie trashing atheists? “Those intolerant Christian bigots are at it again!” we’d hear. I’ll give a shiny penny to the person who gets the point I’m trying to make (you pay for postage).
Here’s the USCCB’s review of it… sounds like they ummm, don’t like it to put it nicely… Montanaman, I think I’m gonna go with Sanosuke on this one…

Saved! – Tart teen comedy about a senior (Jena Malone) at an evangelical high school, who, after her boyfriend (Chad Faust) tells her that he thinks he is gay, sleeps with him in an attempt to “cure” him and winds up getting pregnant, sending her into a spiritual tailspin and putting her at odds with her sanctimonious best friend (Mandy Moore). Directed by Brian Dannelly, the film uses satire to offer a scalding critique of hypocrisy and puffed-up piety, but its wall-to-wall bashing of conservative Christians, which at times stoops to irreverent lows, displays the same sort of insensitivity which the movie purportedly decries. Religious stereotypes, an implied teen sexual encounter, homosexual references, recurring rough and crude language, profanity and several blasphemous jokes. L – limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling.
I was planning on seeing that, but after reading that bishops’ review, no way Jose! I’m not going to support that.
I can hardly wait to see this movie!

Not because I think it might be good, but because I want to see what so many radio preaching ministries are condeming it for.

The Roman Catholic knows these stories for better than 20 centuries now. The beginning of Genesis to the “Amen” in St. John’s Apocolypse is brimming with the tales of men and women who have fallen from grace. Some returned to God’s grace, and some did not.

Our Roman Catholic world is thus now, and has always been thus. Why else would we so desperately need the sacrament of reconciliation? That element of reconciliation and confession of absent from “saved”. The desperate need for the sacrament is crying out in the characters and their interaction with each other, but the mechanism that the Healer has installed, is on sabbatical in this film.

Roman Catholics know that we are going to fall, and we pray that we may be spared from sin and failure, yet " …let Your will be done" is the battle cry that God created all things good and utilizes all things to serve his will. Even if they seem horrible to us like sexual sin, anger, war, betrayal, or even crucifixion. The individuals directly involved may surely be out of the loving grace of God, but the result of thier actions, regardless of thier intent, can nevertheless serve in the ultimate will of God. Take for instance Judas…or Saul of Tarsus (St. Paul).

If this movie were about a Roman Catholic school (which of course, its not), then many of these issues would be addressed in a vastly different manner. That is if the film maker was trying to portray an accurate and honest view of a Catholic high school.

In the film, the girl that gets pregnant askes her teacher “But what if Jesus doesn’t want me to wait (to be married before having sexual intercourse)?”

How might a Roman Catholic response to that question be different from what the film exhibitied? Sure, we could quote scripture, and we have the Catechism of the Cathoic Church too. We have a plethera of resources, and one of the GREATEST things about them is that most of them either at present or at sometime in the past, wore human skin!! Yeah, thats what I’m talking about. The communion of saints. They are a wonderful testament that the Word of God does not contradict himself. The Saints all had thier triumphant moments, and their failures and sins too boot. Those who are destined to be Saints, but are delayed by life at the present moment, serve as the limbs of Jesus in reaching out to and identifying with those children and adults who are yearning for relief. Each of us must ask ourselves the question “How would I have responded to her question?”

If the movie were honestly Roman Catholic, it would have been named “Saved! Being Saved!!, Hope to be Saved!!!” Maybe they are planning to do sequels…heck, maybe its the first of a trilogy of where an entire highschool is struck to cross the Tiber in order to find the “hidden Manna”; the font of forgiveness. What a fancy…just imagine, a whole Protestant highschool converting to Catholicism.
I saw a commercial for this movie, and there was a scene where a girl throws a bible at another girl while angrily saying “I’m full of Christ’s love”

When I saw that, I knew it was a christian bashing film. remember, “only Christians are hypocrites” spit that’s the message of this “film”
I saw the trailer and hated the movie before it even came out. Taking all the anti christian things ever thought up and sticking it in a movie designed for young people, is simply done to destroy their faith. I will not support such a movie.
I sincerely hope that all Christians will deliberately avoid this movie, so that it can fall on its nose financially. Unfortunately, we need to speak the language of money, which is most understood by those who undermine Christian values. Let’s all stand together for Jesus Who is so disrespected in the advertisement of this movie.
I’m still waiting for a comedy where Muslims enter a restaurant and are secretly fed pork by the cook just for laughs…

A drama where gay people actually wanna follow the bible and thru prayer and therapy live either a chaste life, or become legitimatley attracted to women.

A drama where a gay man/woman diagnosed with aids, goes to a Catholic shrine and is subsequently healed, and thus takes it as a sign to live a chaste life…

But yet again, I get a movie about the intolerant christians and how those living a life of sin are more “evolved” and will show me the error of my UN-PC ways… :rolleyes:
i drove 2 hours to see this movie when it first came out (it is being released into 500 more theaters with more in the works) because of all the controversy, i figured to speak intelligently on the subject i need to see it firsthand. one of the promotions for the movie is “Got Passion, Get Saved!” hoping to profit from the success of mel gibson’s movie.
it is about a Christian (fundamentalist it seems) school. the main characters have all been brought up in this environment and i have to say it was (although embellished a bit) accurate in the beginning. there was only one non-Christian characted (or so we thought) at the beginning and she was “jewish” (which her portrayal should be offensive to jewish people as she doesn’t seem to ascribe to any faith system yet proudly claims hannukah and other jewish customs). one of the characters (mary) finds out her boyfriend is struggling with homosexuality and, in a “vision” of Jesus, is told to do whatever she can to help him. she takes this to mean she must have sex with him. after wards he is sent to a place (in the movie called “Mercy House” and is where kids get sent when their parents can’t deal with the sin in their lives) to cure him. the students hold prayer meetings and pray for all the “perverts” at mercy house especially his character. mary then finds out she is pregnant and deduces that
there either must be no God or He has abandoned and lied to her (i couldn’t figure out which one). so she abandons her faith. her friends are then given the charge to get her back so they try to perform and exorcism on her and when that fails they shun her. she is then taken in by the “jewish” girl and her new boyfriend she has “led astray” (mcauley caulkin). the main girl (mandy moore) professes Christ all the time and yet lives a deceitful and mean-spirited life. overall, the message is anyone who holds that there are absolute truths are evil, mean people and if you just accept people and their behavior, and accept that there is no truth just “shades of gray” (quote) then you are a good person and that’s how you should be. it is a movie about tolerance (and not a bad movie story and acting wise) but not tolerance for those who adhere to certain truths. those people are portrayed as wrong and villians. this movie, although it doesn’t seem to be doing great, will make money and be seen by many people so we need to be prepared. and, although it isn’t a catholic school (which are actually more notorius for the decadence of it’s students but that is a subject for another thread) it does portray Christians in a bad light.
Every dolloar spent to see a movie like this is a vote to have them make more like it. I will be avoiding it. :twocents:
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