Saying Hail Mary during mass

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After we respond to the intercessory prayers, the priests in the parish where I attend mass adlib something and then prompt us to recite the Hail Mary. I realize the adlibing is not permitted, but what about saying the Hail Mary? I have never heard or seen this done during mass before and am curious as to whether it is permitted, encouraged, discouraged, forbidden, or what. Thanks for your answer!
This is done in our Parish as well, although there is no adlibing done by the priest. We just simply end the intercessory prayers with the Hail Mary. It is done this way in all of the Westminister Diocese here in London!! 🙂

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Kim Addison
I’m not sure what you mean by adlib here, but there are things that a priest can add within a mass, and things that they absolutely can’t mess with. So, I assume the priest is saying the Hail Mary with the intension of her intersession for our intentions? It could be okay, I suppose. I’m curious, though, I didn’t get this from your note (maybe I just missed it) Is the Hail Mary inside the intensions or outside of them completely?

Thanks for your replies. The forums here at CA are already a big success I see.

When I said “adlibing” in this situation, what I meant is that he is making up a kind of “lead-in” to the Hail Mary to move from the last intercession to the prayer. As John mentioned, it may be ok in this part of the mass. I really don’t know.

In response to cmom, nope, I haven’t asked him why he does it. Partly because I don’t know if it’s improper, second because it’s not my parish, i.e., the one I live in, and third because I don’t know the priest really (my fault). I thought it would be best to make sure I have my facts straight first.
In certain places of the Missal, it says ‘the priest says these or similar words…’, in these places of the Mass, the priest can pray ad lib, within reason. This is the case at the greeting before the Confetior, and at the Prayers of the Faithful, including their summary.
I’ve seen the Hail Mary added to the intercessions some time ago on EWTN. It was common for a while, then seems to have faded.

What I find a bit more unacceptable on EWTN is the practice of using “boiler plate” intercessions. In other words, every Mass we pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests and deacons, and “the religious” and MAYBE there’s an intercession for the people present at the Mass and rarely the benefactors of EWTN.

I thought these intercessions were supposed to focus on the people attending the Mass and their almost spontaneously presented prayer requests, such as Aunt Mary who broke her hip, the neighbor with cancer, etc. INSTEAD we seem to get a litany of “politically correct” prayer intercessions. Boo and shame on them.
Dear BayCityRickL,

Actually, the intercessions are supposed to follow a form like that, from the more universal intentions and needs (Pope, Bishops, government leaders) to particular ones (mayor, good weather, the dead). I don’t know what they do at EWTN, exactly, but I would find it hard to think of them doing anything “politically correct.”
I found it interesting that the Latin Rite Mass normally DOES NOT have at least one prayer for Mary’s intercession.
In the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, (ByzCatholic ‘Mass’) we do honor Mary with the following prayer everytime:

“It is truly proper to glorify you, who have borne God, the ever blessed, Immaculate, and the Mother of our God. More honorable than the Cherubim and beyond compare more glorious than the Seraphim, who a Virgin gave both to God the Word; you, truly the Mother of God, we magnify.”

This prayer is ALWAYS said at least once during other prayer services (Matins and Vespers).

go with God!
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