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I’m kind of confused about the sin of presumption. I was just searching around the forum and found the old threads about it. I generally understand what it is but I’m just not sure if I’ve done it.

For example…I have scruples and one of the things that I do a lot to sometimes pass off the scrupulous thought/concept is to first, say an initial prayer and then after the prayer just to brush off the idea and I almost sort of think that I’ll probably forget that the whole thing happened so it’s nothing to worry about (to confess I mean).

I’d hate to fall into a scrupulous loop (because its been known to happen) but was this the sin of presumption thinking that I can just put something that I’m worrying about aside if it could have possibly been sinful or not?

Since we don’t know you, and as scruples can be dangerous I would suggest you speak with your Priest or spiritual director. They know you better then we do.

However, I have always understood the sin of presumption to mean committing a sin with the attitude of “it doesn’t matter, i’m just gonna go to confession and get it forgiven.” In other words, planning to rob a bank on Friday and then going to confession on Saturday to be forgiven of it.

Just my two cents,

Scrupulosity can be a good thing, as long as it is not taken too far. I suppose one way of looking at it would be to say that presumption would be the opposite of scrupulosity. That is not worrying about sin because you are confident (presume) that God will forgive you. Presuming on the mercy of God is not a good thing.

In order for the Sacrament of Confession to be valid, among other things, you must have a firm desire not to repeat the sins you are confessing, even if they are habitual. This is true contrition. Presumption can lead a person to not be honestly contrite, and view Confession as some sort of *pro forma *thing. In the mind of a person, it can give them license to engage in all sorts of behavior. It is a step that many who fall away from the Church can take on their way out the door.

On the other hand, if you take scrupulosity too far, you may end up confession temptations rather than sin, confessing things that not sinful, or at least not gravely sinful and generally not trusting that God can forgive you. It can also create a sense of anxiety rather than peace. It can
lead, ultimately to despair.
So basically, I didn’t commit the sin of presumption? I sure hope not if that’s the case.

Its so hard for me to figure out what’s a sin and what isn’t. 😦

I keep feeling like I do presume that God will forgive me if I “forget”. I’m not sure if its my mind’s way of trying to get rid of a scrupulous thought (not sinful, of course) or no matter what, regardless of whether its a sinful thought or not, that its the sin of presumption.
If you have scruples, it’s more important for you to trust in the mercy of God than to worry about what sins you might have forgotten.

When the priest absolves you from all your sins at Confession, that includes forgotten sins. You can add something to the priest about how you might have forgotten some sins. A lot of people like to do that, but it’s not necessary. When the priest absolves you, you are totally absolved.

Of course, if you deliberately don’t mention a big sin that you remember perfectly well, that’s wrong and bad. But that only kicks in if you’re not mentioning the sin on purpose, and in order to hide it from the priest.
One thing I try to do before going to confession that I read St. Faustina did is reflect upon my actions and try to think if I could only confess one and only one sin to Christ, what would that sin be and why? For me, anyway, it’s a good examination of conscience. I also throw in another question for myself which is what one sin do I really wish I could hide from Our Lord and why? I’m amazed at how many times I come up with two different answers. Often we take to the confessional the sins we’re comfortable confessing versus the ones we really need to confess.

A good example of presumption is…“It’s okay for me to commit an act of impurity because I’m planning on going to confession on Friday.” That’s using the sacrament as a mere human formula versus a conduit of grace from God.
Ok so to my understanding, I wasn’t committing the sin of presumption. I’m still not completely sure but that comes with the territory of having scruples. I should just set it aside and go back to it later I guess.

Thanks everyone. 🙂
if you have scruples, find one good priest, confess only to him, and take his direction, do not consult third parties, esp. on an internet forum, about your personal spiritual life and sins.
if you have scruples, find one good priest, confess only to him, and take his direction, do not consult third parties, esp. on an internet forum, about your personal spiritual life and sins.
Excellent advice! 👍
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