Sorry guys ANOTHER NFP question :P

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I have yet another question about my marriage to be and this time it deals with NFP. I have a VERY irregular period. I get it maybe once every 3-6 months. recently it’s been more of 3 months. That’s probably why i’ve tried to avoid thinking about NPF b/c i have the notion inside my head that it would never work with my cycle being completely unpredictable. I talked to my doctor about regulating my cycle and she said it would probably not regulate until after I’ve had my first child…but i don’t want to wait til then 😛 she also said that i should try birth control, but the side effects like infertility over long periods of time and increased heart risks (my family has a history of heart disease) has me worried so i declined.

I guess what i’m asking is, is NFP even an option for me? and now that i looked a little deeper into it, I see the different methods, but i don’t know if any of them would be of any help.

And of the different methods, if possible, what would you say was the average of infertile days per month? b/c i KNOW my fiance and he’s already having enough trouble as it is abstaining for marriage hahah

Thanks guys!
My recommendation would be to look into either an NFP-only doctor, or seeing a specialist like a Reproductive Endocrinologist, who can delve deeper into WHY your cycles are not normal.

NFP is definitely doable, but considering your special circumstances, you’ll definitely need extra support.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to start looking into NFP classes, to get a better feel for how the methods work.

Good luck and God bless!
It sounds to me like the Billings Method might be your best starting place, since it shows you when you are fertile; you don’t have to count days, or whatever, to begin with.

Once you recognize your signs of fertility, you can start charting and counting days. It takes three cycles of charting to figure out where you are at; in your case, this will take the better part of a year.

I second the recommendation to find an NFP doctor as soon as possible, especially if you are going to want to delay child-bearing when you get married. Otherwise, the “winging-it” method will do just fine, to start with, and then start on Billings after your first child is born, and when your cycles (hopefully) start to become normal.
The Creighton method might also be a good option for you. When we started using it, I was trying to conceive, but had I been trying to avoid, I would have been in a similar situation to yours- months of "fertile’ days. Creighton method helped me identify when I really was fertile, and through the medical technology my Creighton doctor employs, he actually “Fixed” my issue, so now I have 28 or 30 day cycles instead of once every 6 months or :eek: every day for 4 month cycles. Creighton method not only is a reliable form of NFP it also looks beyond unusual charts to see if an underlying issue is causing irregularities in cycles.
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