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Every now and then I get donation requests by mail from Catholic organizations, many tied to orders.

Before sending my contribution, I try to find the kind of work such charities perform and the what they voice, paying attention to any blatant deviation from the Magisterium.

Unfortunately, several support, either openly stated in their web sites or indirectly through their links, grave issues, from contra-ception, abortion and euthanasia to ordination of women.

Does anyone know of a compendium of orthodox charities or should I start one?
I would highly recommend donating regularly to EWTN, and Catholic Answers!
How does this sound: whenever I get a request from an orthodox charity, it gets my contribution; whenever I get a request from dissenting charities, EWTN gets my contribution? 😉
I’m a charitable person…but I get sooooooo much mail, and I have sooooo little money. It makes me :rolleyes:

I canceled my donation to one charity because the operator said they had no affiliation with the Catholic Church (WHAT CHANGED?), and that at sometime in the future they may introduce the planned parenthood plan for fighting aids.

I think I will investigate others. A compendium would be good. Just an investigatory guide, kind of like NCRegister’s guide to mandatum schools. Could this be a job for Catholic Answers?

The problem with donating only to CA and EWTN is that there are so many poor hungry thirsty naked sick imprisoned and dying souls who need our direct support.

Donating to CA and EWTN is a good way to do the spiritual works of mercy. But we also need to do the corporal works of mercy.

I wish I could give without stinting to every one who asked it of me, but I barely make enough for my charities as is.

(Is it pharisaical to talk about this. 😦 )
There is a group called “Help the Helpless” that is operating a Catholic school and orphanage for crippled and handicapped children in India, where there are no government programs. They literally pick these children out of the gutter where they have been discarded as worthless. Despite religious persecution, they persevere! You can support a child in this program for $10 a month. If anyone is interested you can probably find it with a quick web search.
The problem with donating only to CA and EWTN is that there are so many poor hungry thirsty naked sick imprisoned and dying souls who need our direct support.
I agree. I think Catholic Charities ( seems to cover a lot of that, although sometimes I wonder how much goes to admin and overhead. From what I hear, it’s not that much, or at least, it’s in line with that type of work.
Start your research at and put “catholic” in the keyword search, then sort as you see fit. Once you’ve narrowed down what interests you, start researching those and see if they match up with the Magisterium, etc. Good luck!

Isn’t there a way to specify where you want your money to go when you make a donation.
For example:
Doesn’t the United Way have a list of charities that they lean to and then you pick the one you want. (I supposedly heard UW lists some charities that I would question on first…I do not know off hand which ones).

Catholic Answers is who I send to.

go with God!
My employer is very big on United Way and have annual “drives”. They claim (and probably do) send your mondey to desginated charities. However, I can do that on my own and not involve United Way. Some of the charities (as least of us) will cause a portion of your donation to go to United Way.

I figure if I donate directly, United Way won’t get a cut. Denver Catholic Charities is very good, although they don’t send anything to make it easy to mail donations. Then again, rumor as it that their administrative costs are somewhere around 2% of donations.

Priests for LIfe is a recent new one for me.
Don’t forget the Pro-Life/Right to Life organizations.:yup: We are always in need of money. I get a bit frustrated when I see these big organizations like Cancer and Heart foundations getting lots of money and we have to scrimp by to make ends meet. I have nothing against them but I for one do not give to them since they are heavily financed by the secular world any way. And as far as giving anything to catholic organizations we usually give to groups that have a good track record of helping the poor with the least amount of overhead and do not support abortion. Unfortunately here in Canada it was Christian Children Foundation. We researched them years ago and have been giving since then. Not to say we would not change our minds. We also try to give to local traditional catholic organizations.

A good site to check on whether a charity is a good charity or not from a secular perspective is It is run by the Better Buisness Bureau and lists how much from a charity goes to program, versus for fundraising and salaries, etc.

I personally have a policy that I will never give to a charity that doesn’t at least give 75% but I usually only give to ones with a much higher percentage to program.

It also lists POC for the different charities.

Not all charities are listed, but if your charity is you can find out a lot of information on it.
Doesn’t the United Way have a list of charities that they lean to and then you pick the one you want. (I supposedly heard UW lists some charities that I would question on first…I do not know off hand which ones).
I wouldn’t go with United Way’s listing of charities. United Way also gives to several organizations that go directly against the Catholic church. Several of the branches of the United Way are requiring organizations to sign statements that they in no way discriminate against anyone, including based on sexual preference. Organizations like the Boy Scouts are being dropped from their rosters.

Even in places like that haven’t dropped them, organizations that hold up to their beliefs get VERY little of the general funds (non-designated funds.) The local Boy Scout council in my area received $0 non-designated funds during that last several years.

Recently the United Way has gotten into a lot of trouble for taking too much money for “administrative costs.”

I highly encourage people to give directly to their favorite charities instead of through the United Way. At least you are sure that all the money goes to the charity and none is taken by United Way for “administrative costs”.
Organizations like United Way and Combined Federal Campaign (for federal government employees) take an average of 18 percent of any donations for their administrative fees (to run United Way or CFC). So if you give $100 in your CFC or United Way contribution and designate your contribution to go to Catholic Charities, then Catholic Charities will actually get $82 and CFC or United Way will get the other $18.

Every charity has its own administrative costs, some relatively low (under 10%) and some outrageously high (over 30%). (Somebody has to pay for the employees’ salaries and benefits, facilities, utilities, etc.) So of the $82 (of your $100 donation) that goes to Catholic Charities, some proportion is going to go to its administrative costs too. I am a big believer in bypassing United Way and CFC, and sending my check directly to the charity. That way, the full $100 is used by my designated charity and none goes to United Way or CFC, and none of my donation finds its way to supporting Planned Parenthood or other pro-abortion organizations).

I personally will support any Catholic charity that has a representative speak at our parish. I figure those charities have been vetted by the Archdiocese and by my parish priest.
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