Spiritual Directors

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I’ve been reading a lot about people having a spiritual director. I would love to have this kind of guidance–can I ask my parish priest? What do I say to him? I’m a Catholic convert, so I find that I’m very self-conscious about a lot of things that may be easier for someone who has been in the Church forever.

Also, how often do you meet with this person?

May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you!

First pray about it and ask Our Good Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother to give you a spiritual director and to lead you to the one that God has chosen for you. In my case, I did the same thing and prayed about it. I asked one of the priests if he did spiritual direction and he said no but he referred me a lay person in their parish that does it. So, I prayed about it some more and it just seemed to me that I was not drawn to that person to be my spiritual director. There was this priest that kept popping in my head during the time I was searching for one. So, one day, the Our Lady of Fatima statue that was traveling around the world was in one of the parishes that I visited. So, while I was there I asked Our Blessed Mother to help me find one. Suddenly I just got this inspiration to go ask the priest of that parish. This is the same priest that kept popping in my head every time I thought about the matter. So I did and the rest is history. I could not have asked for a better spiritual director. He is like a father to me. I still remember the very first time I saw him in another parish, it was like seeing an angel genuflect in front of the tabernacle. He genuflected/knelt so gently and gazed lovingly with smile and awe to Our Good Lord Jesus in the tabernacle. He had so much reverence, so much love for Our Good Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, so much kindness and gentleness. I was deeply moved. Ah! What a blessing!

We do not have a set schedule. Some people meet with their spiritual director monthly, some weekly, some every other week or month. Some people don’t go to confession to their spiritual director. For me, I go confession to him and meet with him as often as my schedule permits (God’s will). Sometimes I would see him weekly but then there are times that I am not able to meet with him until after 1, 2 or even 3 months later. I am truly blessed to have one… to have him as my spiritual father here on earth.

God bless!

Blessed be Jesus and Mary!
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