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Ok, I should know how to find this on my own, but where is there a list or explination of the symbols on the St Benedict medal? I’ve found an explination of the indulgencies attached to it, and to its power, but not the symbols. St Benedict is one of my favorites, and I where the medal at all times, so I’d like to know more about it.

From what I remember it is something like this:
On the back of the medal we have the effigy of Saint Benedict holding a Cross in his right hand and the Rules in his left hand; on his right there is a cup from which a serpent is escaping (a recollection of the poisoned wine from which he escaped); on his left we have a crow taking away the poisoned bread. Underneath reads the words ‘EX S.M. CASINO MDCCCLXXXX’ (From the Holy Mount Cassino 1880). On the two sides ‘CRUX SANCTI PATRIS BENEDICT’ (Cross of the Holy Father Benedict), around the image: ‘EIUS IN OBITU NOSTRO PRAESENTIA MUNIAMUR’ (He defends us in our death with his presence.

On the front of the medal, a cross is represented which carries several inscriptions in the arms:

C.S.P.B = CRUX SANCTI PATRIS BENEDICT (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict)
C.S.S.M.L = CRUX SACRASIT MIHI LUX (May the Holy Cross be my light)
N.D.S.M.D = NON DRACO SIT MIHI DUX (Let the devil not be my leader)
V.R.S = VADE RETRO SATANA (Get behind me Satan)
N.S.M.V = NON SUADE MIHI VANA. (You will not persuade me of things ??)

S.M.Q.L = SUNT MALA QUAE LIBAS (What you are showing me is bad)
I.V.B = ISPE VENEA BIBAS (Drink your poison yourself)


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You can find copious amounts of information about the Medal of
St. Benedict and other things benedictine on the
<a href="">web site</a>
of St. John’s Abbey in minniesnowtah.
He is the patron saint of Exorcists, I have wooden cross that hangs from my car mirror for protection, with of course Jesus on it and St Benedict on the back.
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