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There has been much debate regarding the location of the nails during the Crucufixion (i.e. did they pierce His hands or wrists?). I’ve read that individuals, who experience the stigmata, bleed from the HANDS. If this is true, shouldn’t that put the aforementioned argument to rest?
I think that if we were to see a apparition it would be in the form that we would recognize despite what the person actually looked like when they were alive (if they were alive) otherwise how would we recognize them (presuming God wanted us to recognize them. When the angel Gabriel appeard to Mary it would have been in a form she recognized as an angel. The same could be said for the stigmata yes? A person would recieve them in the place they recognize as the place where Christ recieved his. :twocents:
Just speculating…
Many people try to use the wrist argument saying the body would be too heavy, but they totally ignore that Christ may have also been roped up at the arms, the extraordinary length of the nails, that were bent after going through the sidebeams, and the device propping the feet out that may have releived pressure on the arms in exchange for more back muscle and diaphram pain. Either way, it could work that Christ was peirced through the hands.

Mary of Agreda’s Mystical City of God is a great book for the crucifixion in detail.

My understanding that Jesus’ wrists were most likely the location of where they put the nails that he suffered for me, although sometimes the Romans nailed the palm.

Gravity is the reason why it’s less likely that a crucifixion victim was nailed by their hands.

Their feet were nailed to a small cross board so that they could push up to get some air. Crucifixion is primarily a death-by-suffication.

More is here:

Crucifixion in Antiquity - The Jewish Roman World of Jesus - James Tabor

In addition to the history, it describes PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSE TO CRUCIFIXION.

And He did that for ME!!
Sacred heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You.
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