Talking in Church

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Hello, is your church quiet with ony the wisper of Prayer ?
well mine isn’t, I sit near the front now as the talking at the back is unbearable.
Why doesn’t the priest say something about it in the sermons, it’s really getting out of hand.
I did send an e-mail to the Parish Priest last week about it and other Church matters, and yes I did put my name an address on it as to not be faceless in my correspondence.
Plus a beautiful statue of the SACERD HEART, and the IMACULATE HEART of Mary were never replaced when the Church was renovetated about 7 years ago.
Can you tell me is your Church a prayerful Church, or is it full of chatter ???:crying:
You are correct that people should not chat in church, particularly during the liturgy or other church services. If talk is necessary, it should be in a whisper and be as brief and to the point as possible.

You’ve also done what you can to alleviate the problem. It is now the pastor’s responsibility to let the congregation know the expected protocol.
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