The Month of June

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Since June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus I thought this was appropriate. A MUST READ!

If you want to know the true devotion to the Sacred Heart, you must study the Passion. See the agony in the garden, the keen cutting pain at the kiss of Judas, the cold shiver at the denial of Peter, the dragging with cords, the blow on the sacred face, the spitting, the shame, the foul words, yet all this was nothing, it was little to the longing pain of God seeking man’s love. The scourging, the crowning with thorns, the heavy cross placed on those poor, torn, bleeding shoulders, yet even this is little, and why? Because there is still a greater proof of love. “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.” Study the Crucifixion: see there what God rejoiced to suffer, if so He only might give us proofs which we might believe of this longing for our love. He chose gladly, nay even willingly, to suffer all this; it was even less pain to Him than the coldness of our hearts. The devotion to the Sacred Heart is simply this: Devotion to a Heart that loves and is not loved, that is lavishing favors on His loved ones, and is in return treated with coldness, ingratitude, and outrage. So the two special objects of this devotion are love and reparation. And now how are we to do this? It is easy enough. Do what your own heart dictates. Do what you think would please this dear Lord, and avoid what would cause Him pain. The dictates of a loving heart are sure to be unerring in this respect to the Prisoner of Love in the Tabernacle. We know that He is there whole and entire, that His Heart is there, loving, praying, and suffering. That every drop of His precious Blood, and every fiber of His sacred Heart are there. Oh! how He longs for love and sympathy; let us try to be filled with this thought, so that it may become part of our very life, and thus render our every thought, word, and deed, a message of love and reparation to that loving, outraged Heart. Let us try to think how He loves us, and let us ever remember that it is on those hearts on which He has lavished the greatest gifts and graces, that He inflicts the deepest wounds. It may be only a simple aspiration of love we can offer Him, a simple thought of Him in His loving abjection, a little flower laid at His feet, but whatever it is it speaks to Him in language He understands, and which He will not forget. Let us try to make others realize this love, and remember the great secret of influence over souls is - to make them know and feel that Jesus loves them, before we try to make them love Him, and in our work when we have to deal with souls who perhaps have very little intellect, but often a great deal of heart, this is the only means of doing real good. Let us then when we come before Jesus in the Tabernacle bring a lively faith in His presence, and in His loving suffering Heart. - Leaflets, Father Dignam, S.J.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, shower copiously Thy blessings on Thy holy Church, and on all the clergy; grant perseverance to the just, convert sinners, enlighten infidels, bless our parents, friends, and benefactors, assist the dying, liberate the souls of purgatory, and extend over all hearts the sweet empire of Thy love.

Indulgence of 300 days. - Pius X, June 16, 1906
Myrna, that was BEAUTIFULLY said! 👍 Your love for the Sacred Heart shines through your post! I am going to print it and leave it next to my computer for a month as a reminder. Bless You!! :angel1: :praying:

Hugs, Cricket
Thank you cricker, here is a little more information taken from my web site about the Sacred Heart. I wanted to post this too on the original note here but it would have made it too long.
Devotion to the Sacred Heart:
Since the sacred humanity of our divine Lord is personally (hypostatically) united to His divinity, the human nature which the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity assumed at the time of the incarnation is equally worthy of the worship accorded His divine nature, as both are united in the same divine Persons - Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Soul of Christ, as well as every portion of His Body, is entitled to the highest form of worship, called latria. His Head, Hands and Feet, and His Heart are deserving of the adoration of mankind. However, since the heart has always been regarded as the seat of one’s emotional life, and as the source of one’s love, it is appropriate that the Sacred Heart of Jesus be singled out for special worship, as the Heart of Christ fittingly exemplifies His love for man. By practicing this devotion to the Sacred Heart, the faithful may help to repair the outrages to which the Heart of Jesus is exposed in the Blessed Sacrament, and to honor the infinite love of that Heart for all men.

Our Lord Himself revealed this devotion to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a nun of the Visitation Monastery at Paray-le-Monial, France, in 1673. The feast of the Sacred Heart is celebrated on the third Friday after Pentecost. The month of June is also dedicated to devotion to the Sacred Heart of our divine Lord. The Apostleship of Prayer and the League of the Sacred Heart are societies organized for the purpose of spreading this devotion.

Many churches hold devotions in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus every Friday, and many more on the first Friday of each month, which is dedicated to reparation to this divine Heart for the coldness and ingratitude of men. The usual prayers recited at these devotions are the Litany of the Sacred Heart, and the Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart, which was issued with the encyclical letter of Pope Leo XIII on May 25, 1899. Services generally conclude with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament.
Thanks so much Myrna for the reminder. I’ve been depressed lately and I’ve had a hard time praying. That really touched me and has given me a boost.
Thanks again!
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