The way international?

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what does anybody know about the way? could someone give me some references or information covering this issue. i just looking for information about it. thanks yall

I lost a good friend to “The Way”. This is not “The Way” in Scriptures which was the name of the Catholic Church in those days.

I lost a good friend to this group. He got divorced as the “church” rejected his wife. He sold his home so he could tithe more to the church. Now he goes during his summer vacations to mow the law and trim the hedges and repair the buildings of the main church compound. He loves to wave at the church leaders as they drive by in their Rolls Royce to their mansion they (the church leaders only) live in.:whacky:

My friend (co-worker) told me this and it is a true story! He has been a member for 9 years now.

Thank God for the RCC!

Well, if you want to read what they havgfe to say about themselves, go check out http// For a reality check, here is some information concerning this cult.

Like many cult groups, the Way claims the Bible is the word of God, yet it denies the doctrine of Trinity, the deity of Jesus, the personhood and deity of the Holy Spirit, and salvation by grace. In regards to the Holy Spirit, they draw a distinction between the Holy Spirit and the holy spirit. The first is the same thing as the God the Father. Second is an emanation or power from God. Jesus was not born of a virgin. The dead are “unconscious” after death; that is, they don’t exist until they are brought back to life in at the judgment. They also deny the efficacious nature of the atonement.

The Way also teach that Jesus was raised on Saturday and that there were four people crucified with Him, not two. Additionally, only true believers who lived after Pentecost will be saved. The dead are not conscious and will be raised for judgment. Speaking in tongues is taught as a mandatory practice and part of salvation to be cultivated by the members daily.

Also, the Way teach that once a person is saved, he cannot sin in his spirit. His body and soul can sin, but not his spirit – this can lead to sinful practices that are said to not affect the spirit of a person. The Way International use many of the same arguments as the Jehovah’s Witnesses in regard to the Trinity and the deity of Jesus. The Way teaches that God cannot die, therefore Jesus was not God in flesh. They fail to understand that the Word which was God and with God had always existed (John 1:1) and became flesh (John 1:14). This incarnation of the Word is Jesus. Jesus had Two Natures. He was both God and man. As a man, he could die, yet as God, He continued on.

The people in The Way International need to be prayed for and given the same consideration and politeness anyone lost in deception should receive.
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