Thomism vs. Molinism

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Aren’t the essential elements of Catholic Thomism and Molinism essentially contradictory, and therefore in error?
It depends on what “esential elements” you are referring to.

The fact that they seemingly contradict would not then automatically discount both – or either. No one as yet, has been able to satisfactorily resolve the mystery of predestination. The Church has rejected Calvin’s double predestination that holds that from all eternity some are saved and some are damned and no matter what one does, it will never change one’s destiny. Beyond that, we just don’t know. But whatever predestination means, it does not contradicts our freedom to reject saving grace.God knows beforehand all who will co-operate with the grace decreed by Him and be saved. At the same time, we know the will of God to give to all men the power of saving themselves and the power of damning themselves.

St. Augustian said to the Manichæans: “All can be saved if they wish”.
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