Three Popes?

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I was told that in the 1300’s there were two legitimately elected popes, one in france and the other in Rome. Later a third was elected by a the Council of Pisa with permission of both popes, but niether would resign, so there were now 3 popes?

Is this true? There has got to be part of the story missing?

Brandon, also recommend this book, it is excellent. It’s a MAN"s BOOK. Just facts layed out in a time line format on the history of the Church, with a hint of british humor. (Must be because the author is a convert from the Anglican Church:) )

by Harry Crocker, make sure you buy it from a Catholic Store.😉 EWTN has it.

I was going to recommand “Triumph : The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church” written by Harry Crocker, but realized that JoaoMachado already had done it. The augthor is very pro-catholic history (he don’t ask for forgivnes for any of the murders done in the name of the Church). Pope John Paul II excused for all of us, in the year of 2000, all earlier wrongdoings of the Church. My opinion is that we know very well about killings done in Gods name. Now we need to understand context of why decitions were made the way they were made, among others, to try to stop Islam.

The book is informative and of good help for converts because its timeline and the lot of information. You will also find answeres on your questions about the three popes.


Thank you!! I wonder if I can talk my um… kids into getting it for me for Fathers Day? LOL

“Call no man Father and do not celebrate any feast other than saturday” the SDA’s says. LOL!

Enjoy the book when you get it, on Fathers day or Christmasday or another day!


I would recommend Dr. Warren Carroll’s volume, the Glory of Christendom. It covers the Great Western Schism in detail. The short answer though is that there was only one validly elected pope, that French cardinal was chosen as anti-pope after the first valid election, and the council of Pisa was not approved by either the true pope or the anti-pope, and its sessions resulted in a second anti-pope. The Council of Constance put the matter to rest when the true pope resigned and recognized the Council’s authority to appoint a successor.
“Pope Fiction” is my favorite book on this subject.

It is impossible for there to be three Popes at one time in history. That is like saying there are more than one president of the united states.

There can be others CLAIMING the position, but it is impossible for them to all be the Pope. Only One.

Did you know there are at least two priests claiming to be Pope living in the USA today?:whacky: This is not a new problem. Anyone can ‘claim’ to be Pope but we only have one at a time.👍

Good subject and the above books help get the facts out.
Did you know there are at least two priests claiming to be Pope living in the USA today?

This would not be happening if JP2 did not do things that make good Catholics think that he can not be a valid pontiff.

Sometimes there is no pope.
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