Upcoming meeting with Pastor and PA regarding Abortion

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My letters to my Pastor and our Pastoral Associate have resulted in a meeting with them scheduled for next week. I want to be sure I am well prepared for this meeting, as I am much better dealing with issues in writing than I am “on my feet.”

The specific quote I want to be able to effective deal with is from the PA, she says:

“We all respect life, but can discuss different ways of expressing that and respecting choices–and not cutting off those who disagree with our views.”

I think in this bulletic article she is misleading the faithful into “respecting choices,” i.e. abortion. How can I deal with what will no doubt be very “slick” arguments when I will not have time to think about and compose my replies, as in a letter. Any help and advice would be most appreciated!
Our Voter’s Guide will be extremely helpful. You can read it on-line here:
or you can get the booklet by calling our office 888-291-8000.

Be sure to notice that in the on-line version, magisterial documents are quoted within, and referenced and linked at the end. These documents come from the Vatican. They have authority over us.

There are some issues that are “not negotiable” and abortion is one of them. This is not just our idea. The Church has spoken clearly on this. It is NEVER moral to intentionally perform an abortion. It is OFTEN moral to limit or even prevent a choice. (Example: It is moral to prevent someone from choosing to kill, rape, steal, do drugs).

Don’t let anyone tell you that the right to choose to kill a baby is moral. Don’t let someone end their sentence like this, “I believe a woman should have the right to choose.” Make them finish the sentence. Ask them, “To choose WHAT?” Make them *say *the rest…to kill their baby.

Everyone, right, left and center, agree that the truly poor should be cared for. As Catholics, it is not an option to disagree. We cannot choose not to care for the poor. But we CAN choose how to do that and be a Catholic in good standing. In other words, we agree on the end (helping the poor) we are just disagreeing on the means (how to help them). In the same way, we cannot choose to kill a baby. We CAN decide moral ways to assist women who are experiencing a difficult, or unwanted pregnancy. But killing the baby is not a moral choice.
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