What do LDS Members Mean by Spiritual Progression?

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I understand that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church) believe in “spritual progression” whereby an LDS Church member can ultimately become a god by adhering to LDS Church doctrines and practices. Is this really one of the doctrinal beliefs of the LDS Church? I would like an honest answer from any sincere LDS Church member that might be monitoring this website.

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Go to these sites, 2 official Mormon, 1 protestant.


The Mormons reveal the ‘truth’ slowly as you progress in their religion so not everything is on the web site.

The protestant site has good balance.

I asked a bishop last week a question similar to yours and he said that through a good Mormon life you will become like a God. That was just one of the Mormon bishops I work with and not a Catholic one. I work with mostly Mormons, about 300 of them actually.

Get the book and or tapes by Tim Staples. Here is an ‘ex’-Mormon and now Catholic that tell his story and the inner workings and faults with the LDS church.

I also had an ‘ex’-Mormon roomate too who left the church as an adult and is now athiest as a result. Turnover and burnout is high in that church.

Yes, the Mormons believe that we can become gods like “Heavenly Father.” Then we can have our own spirit children who’ll look to us the same way we look to Heavenly Father (what they call God the Father).

Gospel Principles: Exaltation
Thanks for the Responses. I was afraid of that. Any other comments out there by anyone with insight into mormon beliefs in godhood for members?

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No additional insights, it should noted that to reach this godhood you have to have your “temple work” done.

No additional insights, it should noted that to reach this godhood you have to have your “temple work” done.

And a taste of anything listed in the Words of Wisdom disqualifies a person from a temple recommend, right?
I have an aquentnce that is Mormon. We went to Windies the other day and he had a frosty. I asked him about it because of the chocolate. I asked him about it because I know Mormons con’t eat chocolate, drink coke, coffee or tea because of the cafeine. He said he isn’t rigid when it comes to that church teaching. My question. Does that mean he doesn’t have an invite (pass to get into the tempale) and does that mean he can’t enjoy Spiritual Progression?

Maybe this should be a new thread but has anyone been in a Mormon Temple?
I am not sure I noticed this thread long ago.

I would say that it is binding LDS doctrine that humans may become gods. It is binding LDS doctrine that humans may experience “eternal increase.” The most prevalent and probably best understanding for what “eternal increase” is does involve begetting of spirit children. However, LDS must incorporate Biblical and BOM “one God” truths into their understanding of both the unity of the Trinity and the unity of deified humans.

St. Irenaeus was an orthodox fellow who embraced “one God” statements too, but he said:

Irenaeus - Adv. Her. 3.6.1 “God stood in the in the congregation of the gods, He judges among the gods.” He [here] refers to the Father and the Son, and those who have received the adoption; but these are the Church. (ANF 1.419).

So properly understood deified humans must in some way be united with the one God. There is no room to believe that humans become gods and then put off He who “became man that He might make men gods.” The divinity of deified humans is through the uniting with God.

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Concerning the Word of Wisdom:

LDS like Catholic believe in authoritative interpretation of scripture. Few Catholics keep the laws of Moses. Some Christians only excuse themselves from a small number of these laws because the New Testament does not deal with the others. Some Christians excuse themselves from virtually every concept of law because of the words of the New Testament.

The Word of Wisdom has been interpreted.

We are to abstain from Coffee and Tea (hot and iced, but not herbal). We are to abstain from alcohol and tobacco (topical and medicinal applications are not forbidden and are utilized by some LDS). When one is asked if the keep the Word of Wisdom, one should respond with the above in mind and their own honest assessment of their compliance. Catholics have much to draw parallels to in that there is much to be considered when contemplating mortal and venial sin as it pertains to confession and the Eucharist.

In addition to this Prophets have counseled with respect to other thing peripheral to the WOW. To my knowledge this has never included chocolate. Some LDS may generally abstain from caffeinated beverages while others do not. These are personal chooses.

In addition to this LDS are not immune from certain fanatics. In the ward of friends of ours there is a couple whose mission seems to be to build a comprehensive health code out of the WOW. This type of pharisaical addition to the prescribed guidance of the general authorities is inappropriate.

Charity, TOm
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