What's in the Sanctuary?

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I don’t get it: what is the point of the bicycle…and is that your Bishop?

I will pray for you, your parish and your diocese.
Actually, this parish seems to be some kind of European (German) church.

I think, compred to Western Europe, we here in the States have it pretty good!
Could the bicycle simply be part of the gifts? Don’t immediately jump to judgmental conclusions; we aren’t fundamentalists.
Um . . .

Are you guys seeing the other pictures?!?!?
The second image reminds me of a masonic ritual… ugh
While the bicycle may have been part of a memorial of the person in the pictures posted on it, I would agree that it is not proper to have it leaning against or next to the altar! The other pictures, however, are deplorable.

David W. Cooney o)
“Bicycle Mass”

Is this mass at the YMCA?


I’m not even going comment on what this looks like.


What? Why didn’t anyone tell me that they’re remaking "Friday the 13th?


It’s a harsh world…when beanie-babies inherit original sin, etc.

This is actually quite sad…these types of things.
“and now for the blessing of the stuffed animals”…teddy bears and beanie babies form a single line"! :eek:

I wouldnt tolerate this… if my priest/bishop ever had that audacity, I’d counter it with standing up and denouncing the circus that is taking place. :mad:
The second 2 look like skits for the congregation put on by the teens. I know that those kinds of presentations are ok after Mass is ended. They probably are trying to present the readings to a teen audience. At least i hope they are trying to act out the readings . . . Pray for them! But for certain this is it not be done during the homily or interrupt Mass only after the Holy celebration is complete are such things allowed.- at least to my understanding:confused:

Regarding the blessing of the stuffed animal thats actually a wonderful sign 😃 .We do bless animals, houses, etc…
catechism: 1671- Among sacramentals *blessings *(of persons, meals, objects, and places) come first. Every blessing praises God and prays for his gifts. In Christ, Christians are blessed by God the Father "with every spiritual blessing."177 This is why the Church imparts blessings by invoking the name of Jesus, usually while making the holy sign of the cross of Christ.

Now the bicycle that is 100% improper. :mad:

someone find out about the skits etc… please

Peace and God Bless
The picture of the bicycle at the altar does not appear to have been taken in a Catholic Church. Did you also notice that there was a bed-pillow and a pair of eyeglasses on the altar? Where did you obtain this picture? Did it have a caption?

About the other pictures, they certainly appear to be taken in Catholic Churches. Again, I ask where did you get these pictures and were stories attached? I don’t want to ‘jump to conclusions’ regarding the images when I don’t understand the context.
Hey can someone get the name of this parish, whether its in Europe or not. I think we have a little emailing to do to this Bishop and Priests or even the cardinals that are around here.

We shouldnt tolerate this junk in our Church. Its time to step up and defend Christs Church from this mediocrity that has creeped in it.

These images remind me of a website I was shown a few days ago where the website called Mass ‘Mess’ and where the Priest was photographed using a Dorito as the Body of Christ instead of the Eucharist.

They even had pictures of what they labeled as the ‘Gay Mess’.

I emailed the webmaster asking who their web graphics person was. And said he must be proud to spout lies about Christs Church and how much damage he had done.

No reply as of yet, but this shouldnt be tolerated and we as Catholics and defenders of His Church should be speaking out against it.

Some of the Bishops and Priests are getting too scared to stick up for Christ anymore. Just look at the Senators and Congressmen that are pro-death but are still able to recieve the Eucharist. All because the Priest and Bishop are too scared to stand up to em.
Im going to research this site where the pictures are stored and get a Parish if possible and post some email address's. I would appreciate if everyone here would help out and email their disguist.
God Bless
Regarding that second picture, I once saw a picture of Margaret Sanger like that protesting for reproductive rights. If that is what is about then Satan is in the sanctuary.
As an update…I tried going to the linked sites and could not get to the server.

Based on the feelings exuding from my monitor as I read everyone’s responses, maybe it’s a good thing that the pictures are no longer viewable. I “googled” the server address and all links to the server have have failed.

Looks like someone pulled the plug. By the way, it was either a Luxumburg or Austrian church (based on the .at web extension).
It’s very disturbing. I’ve seen numerous abuses…and I’m also completely against the Charismatic Movement…and I believe it’s currently snowballing. When I say the “Charismatic Movement”…I’m not talking about just a little guitar playing, etc…I have nothing against that…I’m speaking of Neo-Montanism.

I’ve been to Masses in which the following have occurred:
  1. Celebrants are told to surround the altar during the consecration…and told to extend their hands to call upon the Lord.
  2. Priest makes members confess their sins outloud in front of the congregation.
  3. Priest has invited a Protestant preacher to take part in Communion.
  4. Priest has stated that all one has to do is put their sins up on the altar in order to be forgiven…and that confession wasn’t needed.
  5. Priest told the congregation that the miracle of the fish and loaves of bread were actually a fraud…the disciples were passing loaves of bread secretly to Jesus.
  6. Instead of passing a collection basket around…the basket is placed in front of the Church…the Priest orders the congregation to come up in front…and ask the Holy Spirit…to tell them how much to give.
  7. Priest blazes through the consecration in order to get to the…healing calls…people come up front…hands are laid upon them…they fall on the ground…contorting and babbling.
The only thing I’ve not witnessed yet…is snake dancing…and Arsenic drinking.

Yes, I’ve done some letter writing.
DominvsVobiscvm said:
“Bicycle Mass”



It almost makes this look traditional.

God, help us!

The second picture (???) gives me an idea: Maybe this is what can be done to lectors who don’t lect well.

As for the church itself, it’s in Vienna. At the main web page for it (pfarrekaisermuehlen.at) you will find a photo of First Communicants. All the children are dressed in albs. They all hold candles, and the girls wear ringlets of flowers in their hair. It’s the best-dressed First Communion class I’ve seen in forty years, and it’s the spittin’ image of the parish’s First Communion class of 1937 (photos of which are in the parish history section).
It’s odd that the bishop would wear a white zucchetto. Bishops wear purple. In fact, the only person I’ve ever seen wearing a white one is the pope.

In Him who walked among us as servant of all,

PS: It’s a shame when something like a white zucchetto is NOT the oddest thing in this mosaic of odd symbols, skits, and plain old-fashioned nonsense! I had no idea that the circus and the sacred liturgy could be combined so seamlessly. . .
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