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Has any of you tried the NASB ? If so how do you like it. I’ve read some of it and I like the way it reads. They say it’s the most accurate. God Bless George
Which one is that?
NASB = New American Standard Bible
George M:
Has any of you tried the NASB ? If so how do you like it. I’ve read some of it and I like the way it reads. They say it’s the most accurate. God Bless George
The NASB is my favorite Bible for Bible Study! (None better in the English Language for a word for word translation!) 👍

My second favorite for Bible Study is the ESV. 👍

And for just general reading my favorite is the NIV. :cool:
It’s called the New American Standard Bible. I found it by going to different bible transilation sites. I just ask in Google the most accurate bible and this one comes up the most then the New Revised Standard Version. George
The NASB is not a catholic bible. If you want a good catholic bible that is good for study you might try the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition. This is my favorite version, but I do like comparing texts from various translations including the KJV and the Douay. 👍
Anytime I check out a Bible translation, the first thing I do is see if it includes First and Second Maccabees - a quick check for a complete Old Testament. Of course, you can also look for Tobit, Sirach, or any of the other books left out of Protestant translations.
I agree with Pax, Revised Standard Version- Catholic Edition is the way to go. 👍

It is also the one that John Paul II uses in his audiences and encyclicals (cool). :cool:

The NASB does read well, but is not catholic and doesnt contain the full canon (73 books - 46 Old and 27 New 😃 ). It was the first bible translation that I owned about 9 years ago.

I know that James White was one of the Advisors to its translation, so… nuff said. :rolleyes:
The NASB is a Protestant Bible and is thus incomplete as it lacks 7 books. Better to go with a complete Bible in a very good translation, like the RSV-CE.
One nice thing about the NASB (at least the 1977 printing that I have) is that they put in italics the words that do not occur in the original Greek, so that you can easily see where the text has been modified to support Protestant interpretations, e.g., sola scripture in Colossians 4:16:
When this letter is read among you, have it also read in the church of the Laodiceans; and you, for your part read my letter that is coming from Laodicea.
The print in the RSV CV is kind of small, would the NRSV with the Apocrypha be good enough. God Bless George

Not really. Find a RSVCE with bigger print. the NRSV is not the complete bible, and the ‘apochrypha’ -as compared to the Deuterocanonicals – is slightly different.
Cephas,is the difference in the bibles because the one I have has the extra books in it.Like 3 and 4 Maccabees.
I have always loved Sirach and Tobit…those are some great books. In fact, my favorite verse is Tobit 13:7- “As for me, I exalt my God, and my spirit rejoices in the King of Heaven.”

It’s all about having a complete Bible!
Yeah that’s what I meant by slight. 3 and 4 Macc. are NOT canonical (meaning they are not inspired scripture). Also, you might have Psalm 151 (another no-no).

Apochypha - refers to books considered to be only human writings

Deuterocanonical - refers to books recognized as inspired by God.

Protestant say these books are NOT inspired by God -hence apochrypha.

Catholic say (and know) that they are inspired by God - hence canonical
Do you know if I can get the RSVCE in a study bible or is it necessary?
Not necessary but 😃

Ignatius Press has a RSVCE study bible being released book by book (so far). What I mean is that : the Gospel of Matthew is alone as a book, Mark alone, Luke etc
they are up to Romans I believe. Excellent study bibles. Word studys, maps, topical essays, etc. done by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. my understanding is that when they are done with new testament, then a one-volume will be released.

they go for about 8-10 dollars.
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