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Good information you recived from your Priest. For those who wondered how to disspose of a scapular. You are to either burry it in the earth, or to burn it. I do not know if you also need to disspose of the ashes.
You do not need to do anything special with the ashes.
Most of the replies have covered your questions. Usually, enrollment is done at First Holy Communion. But sometimes, if a priest is unsure, he will enroll an adult just in case. I thought that the Brown Scapular must be blessed - which would account for the necessity of its being buried or burned when no longer usable. It seems the ones encased in plastic usually stick to the skin in warm weather - and perhaps break quicker.

As to the medal, I don’t know about allowances given - I’d heard the medal came about for the sake of those fighting in wars - where the Scapular could not be worn but a medal could. (I’m going on poor memory here but recall that it is recommended we wear the cloth - back and front.) I, personally would prefer wearing the medal since I already wear Cross and St. Benedict medal - would make it easier.

Are there any Carmelites out there who can confirm these questions for us?
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