Fr. Benedict Groeschel

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DId anyone watch Fr. Benedict’s new program on ETWN tonight.

He looks great since his accident and his talk was about the election issues. (This thread is NOT about the issues).

So if you watched, what did you think about ‘the program’?

go with God!
his impact goes much further than the deep impression on my spiritual growth from his books and especially talks at Steubenville summer conferences. through the friars of the renewal and Youth 2K a whole generation of young Catholics are being brought to love and reverence for Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist. His books are an unfailing and reliable guide for those who do not have a personal spiritual director, and he has some of the best guides for a personal holy hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
*I saw him on EWTN last night and his eye’s have the look of someone who has suffered and yet I can just see the light, the spirituality and the goodness shining out of them. :bowdown2: *
*He gave a great talk on politicians in support of abortion and the responsibility of Catholics & all Christians in the voting booth. :clapping: :clapping: *
Did you know that he spent time in jail for praying the rosary in front of an abortion clinic?
I heard him speak at a conference in that broad Bronx accent, so at odds with his habit and demeanor, what a hoot, he talked about Mother Teresa and her meetings with Cardinal Cooke about having her sisters live and work in NYC, he had us rolling in the aisles with his character portraits of two saints butting heads.
Not open for further replies.