Homosexual activists take money to local level

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by Steve Jordahl
Tired of throwing money at national candidates who won’t give them unfettered support; gay advocates are funding state and local elections.

There’s a little talked about revolution going on in politics and most Americans have no idea how momentous the stakes are. The homosexual lobby is throwing a large amount of time and money into local elections. John Paulton of Focus on the Family Action says it’s the same story across the country.

“There’s a well known maxim in politics that all politics is local, and homosexual activists have followed this brilliantly by pouring money into those races.”

When someone declares for an elected office, no matter how local, we always look into their stand on the things that most concern us. Abortion, marriage, sexual unions and all the other issues that go against our moral beliefs.

Even the dog catcher can someday run for higher office and once someone is elected to one public office it is easier to get elected to another. Name recognition is important as many in Pennsylvania and elsewhere can attest to.
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