How to Fix the Liturgy?

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Random thoughts after reading the whole thread…

The liturgy isn’t broken, people are.
Vatican II opened the door to abuse, but the abusers [liturgical or otherwise] were simply waiting for an excuse. They were primed and ready, and the faithful had little clue. The priests who started these abuses were born in the 50’s and should have known better. They simply went with the flow of the times, instead of standing against it.

And my generation really has no excuse for any of this, because we were brought up on the Baltimore Cathechism and our priests were “old school”. But they were infected with the attitude of anything goes that is not specifically prohibited because the Spirit moves them. The universities and seminaries were the hotbeds of dissent, and the bishops seemed to have little clue.

One factor I have not seen listed in any of these posts is the effect of " the pill" on the Church. Most married couples in the 60’s were already using some kind of birth control and went on the pill when it became available When the Church said it was not acceptable they stopped going to confession, and many finally stopped going to Church. Priests really never did preach about contraception as not to offend the parishoners they still had, and in fact many were waiting for the church to relax the celibacy rules for themselves. It was a turbulent chaotic time.

The Church lost most of its credibility when it said every act must be open to life. Husbands and wives would simply no longer give up control of their family size to God.
The people who stayed simply stopped confessing that they were using birth control because
a] their priests never preached about it,
b]their consciences were erronously formed by the priests
c] they didn’t care what the Church thought, it wasn’t the Churches business.

Even now, many Catholic women who use some form of NFP to space their children get fixed or their husbands do when they decide they have reached their acceptable limit of children.

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