Infant Baptism

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Once a person understands what happens at baptism, the debate seems to disappear. But to properly understand Baptism, one would need to understand Original Sin.

Homer - Do you understand what happens at Baptism?
The word ‘and’ does not imply a certain order to events. The words ‘then’ and ‘next’ do. (Or ‘next’ and ‘then’ also means exactly the same thing too! I love it when I’m right!😉 Perhaps some preachers started preaching and interpreting Gods Word before they learned English? Or even ‘Old English’ which we do not speak today? This could lead to their confusion on Scripture?:confused: ) If I say repent and be baptized it means the exact same thing as be baptized and repent based on the rules of the English language. Now if I said repent then next be baptized that would mean a specific order and all bets are off. Many verses were also directed to adult believers. “Context.”
Malachi - I have never heard the “and” arguement before - what a great way to explain it. When we take out the underlying assumption of first, repent, then baptize that isn’t written, the Catholic reasoning becomes even more clear. I’m filing this arguement for future discussions.

Personally,I really have to thank Homer for all his threads against our faith. After reading all the responses to him, it just re-affirms my faith that I was received into the only church established by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church 👍

You keep submitting your threads Homer, the responses only serve to educate me more fully. 😛

Glad I helped. I hope I help some others here too.:bounce:

If a person should believe and after that get baptized, then why does the Catholic Church baptize infants?
The Catholic Church is not the only Church to baptize infants. If protestants can’t agree on infant baptism then why tell us we shouldn’t?
I might add that Jews baptize converts to Judaism too, and they too baptize infants. They did this to ritually wash the iniquities from the Gentile convert. After which, the males were circumcised. This is the rite of conversion for Judaism since ancient times. This practice pre-dates Christianity. That’s why when John the Baptist began his ministry, it made a profound statement. Not only Gentiles need to be washed of their iniquities, but also Jews!! The Jews and first century Christians were already quite familiar with the ritual baptism of ancient Judaism and it meaning.

Given the historical context of infant baptism within Judaism, why would anybody presume infants were excluded from the entire households that were baptized into Christianity as described in the NT. It makes no sense, given the historical context of the ancient practice of Jewish baptism.
It amazes me how protestants speak against the Catholic church with wrongly interpreted bibles when the Catholic church and its heritage existed before the Bible and the fact the it is the mother cgurch that gave everyone the Bible, well the original and most correct one!
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