Is there such a thing as an Arch Diocese?

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I was told by a non-practicing Catholic that in her Arch Diocese, protestants were allowed to receive the Eucharist, and that the Bishop had no problem with Catholics having protestant communions.

I have heard of Arch Bishops, but not of an Arch Diocese. Is there such a thing, and if so, what is it for?
My understanding is this…
An Archdiocese is a group of Parishes that are under the control of an Archbishop.
Similarly, a Bishop has his own Diocese.
Just a way of locally communicating from the Vatican down, as it would be hard for the Pope to reach all of the Parishes in the World on his own.
Please correct me someone if I am wrong
Love Kellie
An archbishop presides over an archdiocese, which means he is the regional head of a cluster of diocese in his area.

Philadelphia is the archdiocese for the Pittsburgh, Erie, Altoona, Greensburg, Johnstown etc dioceses.

No faithful bishop or archbishop allows intercommunion.
Ask her to requerst a docuiment allowing this, in whatever Catholic Church she attends.
Mike-Are you in the Boise diocese?? If so I am sooo sorry!! My folks are in Pocatello- and it is a sad, sorry state of Catholicism there…
Thanks for all the replies… the descriptions given make sense, now.

I am, however, alarmed at the last reply about the Boise Diocese.

If there is something to be aware of, I would appreciate knowing more… since I am a new Catholic I want to be informed as to the error, and so on.

Please give me more details, and if possible, sources that I can look up. Though I appreciate warnings, I am reluctant to react to hear-say evidence.


As a point of info, as far as I know your diocese in Idaho “reports to” (probably not the best way to put it) the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. A more official way of saying it is that Portland is the metropolitan See, and Boise is one of its suffragan dioceses.
Mike-Are you in the Boise diocese?? If so I am sooo sorry!! My folks are in Pocatello- and it is a sad, sorry state of Catholicism there…
I returned to the Church two years ago, and although there are some issues here in Boise, I wouldn’t say the state of Catholicism is sorry. Pocatello is on the other side of the state (almost 400 miles), and conditions could be (and probably are) quite different.

Is there anything specific that you can point to that would support your statement?
Los Angeles is an Archdiocese.

An Achdiocese has an Archbishop, and there are Bishops under the Archbishop that are assigned regions.

I live in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Santa Barbara Pastoral region which is handled by Bishop Thomas Curry.


Kellie’s explanation of an archdiocese is the correct one.

This was discussed on another thread and explained in more detail, including the relationship of an archdiocese to other dioceses (which was incorrectly described by someone above). See:

Many years,

Well, perhaps you could call St. Louis an “arch” diocese. That’s a joke–ha,ha!
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