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Christians prayerfully protest at abortion sites. Why not do the same at strip clubs? Pornagraphy destroys souls and society. I heard that St. Louis DeMontfort once entered a brothel, knelt down, and prayed a rosary. Has anyone ever prayerfully protested at strip/porno clubs before? What are your thoughts on this idea?
Wow, I was thinking the very same thing only days ago, passing one of the too many we have around here! I thought, why don’t people gather and pray the rosary THERE?? So much evil out there…
and we have the weapon! I need to pray for the courage to do something like this…
Excellent idea!
I’m often complaining about how porn destroys people’s lives - what a great way to put this conviction into action.

Also - what leads to more abortions but our society’s warped understanding concerning the meaning of sex?

This idea of yours fights both evils 👍
You are quite right about pornography. I am not sure as to why Catholics, or Christians in general, do not do anything close to the protests around abortion mills. In some ways, there are several levels that strip clubs, porn movies and stores are as bad or worse. People sacrifice human dignity, there is rampant objectification, drug use tends to be the hobbie of choice and that is before any lust or sins of the flesh!! I think that one of the reasons is that abortion is a recent “hot topic” in many circles, where porn and prostitution are very, very old, almost stale. There is also an idea that everyone engaged in these sins, including the veiwer and the people performing, are their of their own free will, while the innocent babies are aborted with no choice of their own. It is easier to stand up for the voiceless than confront those who should know better. One thing that is funny to me is that if you try to open a new club or shop, it all hits the fan at once, but everyone ignores the existing ones.
Sounds to me like that would be a wonderful thing to pray for, but considering the amount of alcohol consumed in such establishments, it seems a little safer to pray from a distance. Sometimes we are all so overwhelmed with the debauchery in this world that it seems beyond hope. Maybe God is planting a seed in your heart to start a movement? Good luck and God Bless You. Don’t forget that most of the girls in these places are lost sheep and desperately need our prayers and support too. This society…Where do you start??? :rolleyes:
Maybe what we need is for some orthodox Catholic strip-clubs, to seduce the sinners away from those secular cesspools of sin!

Hey, I’d pay to have Rosalind Moss or Amy Welbourn give me a lap-dance!

Maybe we could even reconcile ourselves with the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence.


Second thought, maybe the protest idea is a better one.

I don’t know of any strip club outreaches per se, but Fr. Phleger at St. Sabina’s parish in Chicago is conduct outreaches against prostitution and drugdealing, as well as other social vices.

Perhaps there are no strip clubs in his parish, so that’s why he hasn’t targeted those, but this kind of action isn’t unprecedented.
Saint Sabina is a very, very Modernist parish, in explicit dissent from the Church. Just tour their webpage, and tell me if there’s anything remotely Catholic about it:

Pastor’s Bio

“St. Sabina is a Word-based, Bible teaching church that believes in the power of praise and worship.”

Endorsement of Professed Heretical “Theologian”

Female Deacons!

This is the same parish that, in disobedience to Catholcism and the directives of Archbishop Francis Cardinal Geroge, allowed pro-abortion democrat Rev. Al Sharpton to preach a homily at Mass, just a couple years ago.

I have heard Father Corapi say that we need to open Chapels of Perpetual Adoration next to all abortion mills. The devil would get so mad, he’d run like, well, the devil. Perhaps that would be a great answer to this issue to.
Strip clubs are usually in the ghettos and dangerous areas of town. Praying for strip clubs isn’t a bad idea, maybe just not at the front door.
I was only commenting on St. Sabina’s social action program, which is the topic of this thread.
Saint Sabina is a very, very Modernist parish, in explicit dissent from the Church. Just tour their webpage, and tell me if there’s anything remotely Catholic about it!

What do you mean explicit dissent?
I did not see much that looked catholic - but I did not see dissent either (ex: scheduled meetings for CTA 🙂
I can think of several club/joints/shops in fairly close distance to my home, including one right next to a Catholic church next town over. Close to residential areas which are not ghettos. I think this is really something to pray on and make happen. If a group was praying outside, it might deter some customers. Of course the prayers should be offered for the employees of such places as well as the clientele and most especially, the victim families of the clients.
I know nothing of St. Sabina’s, except for the links provided by DV. However, it’s worth noting that the website does not list “female deacons” but rather “deacon couples.”

When a married man considers a call to the permanent deaconate, it is important for his wife to be in agreement with his decision. In a sense, she will be sharing him with the parish, and the couple must realize the consequences of this decision.

Some parishes formally acknowledge this relationship by referring to them as a “deacon couple.,” In these cases, however, only the husband performs the religious duties of a deacon. The duties of the deacon’s wife are . . . to support her husband.

Nothing Modernist in that idea.
I agree with many of the responses and also think that your idea is a good one. I am appalled by the secular acceptance of pornography and how many think its a harmless thing. I also feel very sorry for the women that participate as the ‘objects’ at strip clubs, for even though they are willing, they do not realize what a
great injustice it is to them and to others. Temples of the Holy Spirit, we are. Made in the image of God. How very sad that those women don’t respect theirselves as members of the Body of Christ. If it weren’t for the men who attend, there wouldn’t be any clubs either…so they are as much at fault, perhaps more, because a lot of them are married.

The more people participate in these things, whether it be a magazine, a website, or a club…the more they are drawn by Satan and distance themselves from God.
Strip clubs are usually in the ghettos and dangerous areas of town. Praying for strip clubs isn’t a bad idea, maybe just not at the front door.
By the way, that’s not so true anymore. In the Pittsburgh area, we have some upper-end, ritzy-style ‘Gentlemen’s Clubs’ which are socially accepted, and not in the ‘bad’ or ‘dangerous’ sections of town. The ‘image’ these clubs present is respectable on the outside…but the same sinful things occur within, making them no better than any others.
I was led, I believe, by the Holy Spirit to pray at a local “Deja vu” strip club. I knelt down next to the entrance and prayed the rosary. At one point an employee came out and suggested I leave, and then got his manager, who came out and told the employee that I had the right to be there. Here are examples of obvious fruits of this decision:

While praying, a couple passing by stopped and the woman asked me what I was doing. What a great opportunity to witness, huh! Eventually in the conversation, I explained to her, since she a Protestant, the Catholic position on praying to Saints and Mary: that we pray with them, and do not worship or adore them.

One interesting comment I heard from passersby was along these lines: “Because he’s there, people will feel guilty entering and leaving the club.” Praise God if my presence there did inspire guilt in at least one person’s heart!

A man came and asked if he could pray with me, and of course I said yes. He knelt next to me and I led him in a prayer for all the customers and employees of the club.

I was highly distracted from my rosary when a man in his twenties began arguing with his friend who was trying to get him to enter the strip club. I simply stared at the man being tempted, and prayed for him; eventually his friend the tempter gave up and entered the club. I spoke up, saying, “You made a wise choice not to enter!” We then had a little chat about Jesus and he shared with me where his faith was. I tried to encourage him.

I approached some men loitering near the club after my prayer was over, and we had a long debate about the morality of porn and eventually the existence of God. I was able to witness BIG TIME to them! Praise God.

My vision: a large group of Catholics, carrying images of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe, praying the rosary and divine mercy chaplet next to the entrance of every strip club/ adult book store in town. But first, my goal is to get people motivated to defend the unborn. This is a priority, and unfortunately only small numbers protest and pray at our local child-murdering facilities. But strength isn’t necessarily in numbers, as we have seen with the Operation Rescue missions that took place. Strength resides in Jesus, present in the Eucharist! **Want to save unborn babies and their Mothers? Receive and adore the Eucharist for them. Our Eucharistic Lord, infinitely powerful, is the key to ending the abortion holocaust, perpetrated by mighty-but not almighty-evil spirits! SO, I wish to promote Mass and Adoration as the keys to ending abortion, and not to mention every other evil that plagues our world. **

**So I exhort you: Go to Mass/adoration today for the end of abortion! **

God Bless You! What an inspiration to us all, my friend Andrew Larkoski and I are going to try your plan after we get home from College (I attend Western Washington University in Bellingham Wa, and Andrew attends University of Washington in Seattle), we are from a small town near Olympia and plan to “attack” some strip clubs with rosarys and holy cards like you have said. Please give me any advice you can for the times which work best and the days, maybe when they are busiest, and any other info that you think we might need. Thanks!
Strip clubs are usually in the ghettos and dangerous areas of town. Praying for strip clubs isn’t a bad idea, maybe just not at the front door.
Not in my town I have three within a block of my office. As a tax auditor I was asked to do an audit on one. I had to decline for religious reasons. Can anyone say “near occasion to sin”? :eek:
A strip club outreach would probably be best done by women. Sending most men to a stripclub to evangelize them would be like taking a recovering alcoholic into a bar. Paul wrote against sexual sin. He didn’t tell us to preach to sexual deviants in the middle of an orgy. There’s too much temptation there. I’m single, but if I were married I’m sure the wife would love to hear me say “Hey honey, I’m goin’ down to the strip club ministry. I’ll only be five hours. After that I’m hittin’ the mud wrestling ministry. Love ya hun!!!” That would go over well.
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