Catholics and Pizza

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Since the base of our faith is in the Vatican near Rome, and Rome is in Italy, and Italy makes good pizza…

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Extra cheese
Except pizza is from Naples, not Rome. But since we are talking about pizza in Italy, my favorite is “Quattro Stagioni” which has ham, artichokes…Uh, oh, it has been so long since I was last in Italy (18 months) that I have forgotten what my favorite pizza has on it. Guess I need to go back to Italy for pizza!
I like the non-traditional pizza, items including, spicy chicken, whole wheat dough, one pizza place in college had ground buffalo! (the meat tasted sweet). I also like taco pizza and pizza with a cream sauce instead of tomato.

Go with God!
Pizza Genovese:

Artichoke hearts, extra cheese, pesto.

Best Italian restuarant in the states: Beppe and Gianni’s Trattoria, Eugene Oregon. And yes, I’ve eaten Italian in Little Italy, Chicago, etc., and this place is the best.
Course, none of your pizza choices have anything to do with real Italian Pizza (no Tomato for one). In the real Pizza department, gotta go with basil and mozzarella. In the American Pizza (Tomato to the world), I’ll go with Pepperoni.
A great Catholic and pizza-lover* once said:
“If the Catholic Church did not want us to eat anchovy pizza, why did they print all those little fishes on the calendar?”
(* Okay, it was me 😛 )
Hey, there’s no way to select more than one ingredient???

As for me, anything except Anchovies - Although I do sort of like Salami Pizza better than most others. 👍
Sorry I screwed up making the poll, forgot to check the “allow multiple responses” box, let that be a lesson for us.
what is canadian bacon??? I’m canadian but i don’t call any bacon canadian?
what is canadian bacon??? I’m canadian but i don’t call any bacon canadian?
I’m not positive, but I believe what we Americans call “Canadian bacon” is what Bob and Doug McKenzie called “back bacon”.

“Back bacon and beer, eh?” 😃
You need to try a spinach pizza! Very good! I like the spinach and mushroom combo. Even good on Friday’s during Lent!
Double Pineapple & Extra Cheese … MMMMM good!! :bounce:
I am fond of pepperoni and mushroom though that isn’t a choice on the poll, so I went with pepperoni.
The foundation for any good pizza begins with extra cheese.
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