Favorite catholic movie

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Many good Catholic movies out there…which is your favorite and why?

mine: A Man for All Seasons

The story of the faith and martyrdom of St. Thomas More during the English “reformation”

I liked it because it provides a good example to follow in these non-religious times and Paul Scofield (More) is at his best as an actor in the part.:clapping:
I like “The Scarlet and the Black”. Great actors (Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer, Sir John Gilgud) and a true story full of heroic virtue.
I am still blown away by “The Passion of the Christ.” The ultimate Catholic movie.
I’m with Robert. “Scarlet and the Black” is a lot of fun and the ending blew me away.
I am fond of The Trouble With Angels staring Haley Mills, its a great story about a young girls adventures in Catholic school in the 50’s so its good quality humor.
I think that my top five Catholic movies have all been listed here. I have to say that sadly I haven’t seen as many as I would have liked, but I would like to say that I agree that these are great movies: A Man For All Seasons, The Scarlet and the Black (I love this movie!), The Passion, and The Trouble With Angels (which by the way Tyler…how did you hear about this movie? Not many young guys I know have watched this one!)
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Robert Bolt who wrote the play, A Man for All Seasons, was not an RC and he did not regard his play as Roman Catholic. Indeed, if you read his own introduction to the play, you will see that he celebrates what he sees a More’s individualism–dying for what he believes, not dying for the Truth. I know a real hardcore Lutheran who loves this play for this very reason. Don’t get me wrong–I like the play, but to call it Catholic may be open to debate.

Best Catholic Films? It’s a Wonderful Life and the Quiet Man, by Hollywoods two great RC directors: Frank Capra and John Ford. Actually, if either of these guys made a bad picture, I haven’t seen it. Capra truly understood social justice.

Concur: The Trouble With Angels
The Passion of the Christ

I am also rather fond of Keeping the Faith

:cool: :cool: ( ← Look: It’s the “God Squad”)
“Lilies of the Field” starring Sidney Poitier. 'Nuff said.
What?.. no Last Temptation of Christ??? :confused:

Just kidding! 😃

The Passion of the Christ 👍

Song of Bernadette: What a SHAME no more films like this 😦

Wide Awake: Many may have not heard of this…its actually one of M. Night Shylamans early efforts…a year before Sixth Sense. Its about a little boy who goes to Catholic School and loses his grandpa whom he was very close with…he struggles to find the WHY of death… wanna see a PRE-in the closet Rosie O Donnell playing a NUN! here it is… :eek: This was a pretty good story, and very Catholic… it even has one of those M. Night “twists”… which was SWEET. Check it out if ya can. 🙂

Black Narcissus: A must see from the 40s… though not Catholic…its good story about a group of Protestant missionary nuns trying to cope with worldy desires, etc… they are sent by the headsister to the Himalayas to open a mission in a former house of prostitution… the spirit of that places former sensual pleasure hangs in the air as the nuns try to adapt. Good movie…and the use of color is OUTSTANDING with a very nice dvd transfer. This is a Criterion Collection film… a must see.
Okay, I confess - it’s corny but

Sister Act


Sister Act, Back in the Habit

I really enjoyed the theme/story of second one in how God does call on us in mysterious ways and a showgirl (an obvious sinner) from Las Vegas saves an ailing inner city school. You get the surreal and happy feeling that God planned the whole thing.

I know - kinda totally Hollywood and non-serious and not reverent as the above and maybe a little unrealistic but let’s face it, movies are entertainment for the most part and I was quite entertained by Whoopie Goldberg.

I also definitely like it when Hollywood portrays our clergy in a positive light, which both movies do, even if some of the characters are flawed.
I don’t know if they’re catholic but I like ‘The Robe’ and ‘Ben Hur’
The Passion of course. Possibly Lord of the Rings if you consider that a Catholic film.
Chris C.:
My Friends,

Robert Bolt who wrote the play, A Man for All Seasons, was not an RC and he did not regard his play as Roman Catholic.

True, Bolt was not a Catholic–in fact, if I remember correctly, he had almost as many marriages and divorces as Henry VIII (although I don’t think he cut off his wives heads), and true More’s primary motivation in the play/movie was incorrectly presented as being very individualistic and modernistic, but I still find More’s actions in the play/movie (as well as most of the dialouge) to be very Catholic. Strange that a Protestant would really like a movie about a Catholic executed by Protestants for refusing to take an oath to Protestantism, but I guess if he’s focusing on More’s reliance on his conscience rather than the actual particulars of the movie (not to mention of the actual historical period), then I guess it might make sense. Knowing the facts of the time will help the audience get “More” from the movie

I agree with Faithful 2 Rome - The Song of Bernadette

Also, The Reluctant Saint - The story of St Joseph of Cupertino. Funny! Funny! Funny!
I also enjoyed many of those listed here but especially “Song of Bernadette”. “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima” is also a good one.

One question I have about “The Scarlet and the Black” is, while I really enjoyed it, I found the portrayal of Pope Pius XII to be somewhat problematic. There was no mention that I saw about any of the good things he did such as hiding Jews in one of his apartments. I realize this wasn’t the focus of the film but my overall reaction was pretty negative to the way Pius XII was portrayed. Anyone else feel this way?
Song of Bernadette. I read how the director and producers selected Jennifer Jones after her screen test. The test was to look at a stick and envision the Blessed Mother. When they watched the film she was the only one who “saw” Mary while the others looked as if they were looking at a stick if that makes any sense. But when you watch the movie you do get the image that she is seeing the Blessed Mother. The beauty of this film is that it is understated … no fancy special effects. The power comes from Bernadettes eyes and smile. I’m a grown man and it still brings a tear to my eye.
Now, bear with me here. My favorite Catholic movie has to be “Dogma.” If you can somehow get past the obsenity and sexual references, it has a great message. Most people see it as Kevin Smith airing his problems with the church, but that’s not the case. If you;ve seen it, concider the angels loki and bartleby. They question God and end up paying for it. And Bartleby sums up the message of the movie in one line when he says that sometimes we disagree with what we are told we are to do, but you just have to shut up and do what you’re told. Kevin Smith is saying that he disagrees with some of the church’s dogma, but you just have to shut up and do what you’re told.
Plus it has some great inside Catholic jokes , like the “Buddy Christ” poking fun at the protestant fear of the crucifix.
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