What Do You Wear Around Your Neck?

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I wear Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Fatima.

I do volunteer work with children who have emotional problems as a result of abuse or neglect. They frequently notice the medals and ask me what they represent. It’s a great teaching opportunity.
Varies: Cross, black Passionist scapular, Miraculous medal or Our Lady of Guadalupe medal.

As for the scapular, I didn’t think you had to be enrolled but I did think you had to have it blessed. Anyone want to weigh in on this?

There are two versions of enrollment…the short form…or the long form. The long form usually comes with the scapular…and is probably on the internet somewhere.

The short form just requires a priest to bless the scapular…he then places the scapular on you…and then he says a Marian prayer.
I wear a small medal that I received on a retreat in 2001. It was blessed by the priest who had led the retreat. It has a large cross surrounded by 4 smaller crosses on the front, and on the back is inscribed the words “Our Lady of Mercy, Pray for Us”. I wear it as a reminder, because the retreat was one of the most important stepping stones to my current life of faith.
I wear a small crucifix on a golden chain that was given to me by a very good friend who just passed on last September. It is my most cherished possession.
I want to vote but you only allow us one choice…

I wear two things, a Miraculous Medal and a Byzantine Cross.

I actually wear depending on what is going on a medal of St. Michael, St Gabriel, St. Raphael.

I also have a crucifix that I got in Rome that was blessed at a Papal Audience…With 3000 other people.

When Mary is calling my heart I where the Miraculous Medal.

…Luke 1:78-79…“In the tender compassion of our God the dawn from on high shall break upon us, to shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace.”
I didn’t vote because it wasn’t specifically on the list. I wear a scapular medal, as does my son.

I regularly wear an Ichthus (Jesus Fish) <>< It has a cross in the middle of it. Sometimes I wear a nail, like the ones Jesus was pierced with.

I wear a Saint Benedict Jubilee Medal. I would still be wearing it if the ring had not broken. I am in the process of getting one though. I also wear a crucifix with the stations of the cross engraved in detail at the back of the cross.
A brown scapula w/Crucifix, St Benedict medal, and Miraculous medal all attached 🙂
A St Christopher medal. I was the first gift given to me by the lady who later married me, almost 23 years ago.
I wear a medal with the Holy Family on the front. The name of my son Liam, who died in October, is engraved on the back. It was blessed my Priest, and I will never remove it.

I wear a 3" St Benedict crucifix that was blessed @ St. James Church in Medjugorje. 👍

I also just got a five fold scapular but I need to get enrolled before I wear it.
A gold crucifix my father-in-law bought me in my wife’s home town of Siculianna, Sicily. I have worn it for 34 years. 👍
Usually nothing. For religious occasions, a pentacle necklace. (a pentacle is a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle)
I wear a Benedictine crucifix and a scapular under my shirt.

I wear a 4-way gold cross shaped medal on a gold chain.

On the back reads

“I am a Catholic please call a priest”

The four medals are:

Brown Scapalar Medal
Miraculous Medal (Immaculate Conception)
St Joseph (patron saint)
St Christopher
also has small flower at center of the cross
Usually a cross or crucifix of one kind or another. Generally it is one that we have given to groups that we are preparing for the sacraments. I wore one type of cross for 7 years that we gave to candidates for confirmation in my previous parish.

The only thing is that I keep giving them away. The last one I gave to a young man who admired the cross and said that he was looking for a church, having just moved into town (near where I work). So, as we were parting company, I gave him my cross and the location of the 3 nearest parishes and told him to contact them about which one he might belong to and their Mass schedule.

I need to get a new chain for the diaconate cross that my wife’s aunt gave to me at my ordination, and then I can begin wearing it again.
Scapular and a medal of my patron saint - Saint Michael the Archangel.
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