Which saint has meant the most to you in your life?

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Which saint has meant the most to you in your life?

Me–Saint Thomas More:getholy:
As of right now, I would say Padre Pio and St. Gerard.

I was doing a bit of reading one day and ran across a web site with information on Padre Pio. Many miracles and wonderful stories were attributed to him I thought maybe he could be a possibility as a patron saint. The deal was sealed when I first layed eyes on a picture of him.
He seemed so grandfatherly to me, seeing as how I have never had one. Something just seemed to click with him. I felt like I knew him for a long time.

As for St. Gerard, he is patron saint of motherhood. Pretty much goes without saying what prayers I ask of him.

In the mean time I am reading more about other saints such as St. Terese, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Jude and Anne Catherine Emmerich.
At the moment I am praying for St Benedict Joseph Labre (the patron saint of the mentally ill and the homeless), St Pere 🙂 grine ( the patron saint of cancer sufferers) and St John Marie Vianny ( the patron saint of Priests) to intercede for me to the Father for my intentions.
My personal favorite is St. Thomas More. He stood up for the Church against King Henry VIII. Any one who is loyal to the church first instead of the leader of his country is #1 in my book.
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peace be with you! if you do not count our Blessed Mother, since she is so far above the other saints, for me their is no question; St. Therese (the Little Flower). she has truly transformed my life through her writings and her example.
For me picking one is easy… St. Dominic.

However, there are so many who have influenced me. It would be hard not to give honorable mention to St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. John Vianney.

“He was said to have alway been either talking to God or about God”

Yours in Christ and St. Dominic,
Br. Mike
Hi— I would say Little Flower, St. Edith Stein St. Teresa of Avila. Carmel has really played a huge part in my spiritual growth. I am in formation for the Third Order Carmelites ----and then St. Francis of Assisi and St. Katherine of Siena
St. Joseph and St. Jude. St. Jude’s intercession taught me when I was just a young teenager that God truly does give miracles (when it is His will). St. Joseph had perhaps the hardest job God ever gave, and was perhaps the humblest man He ever made. I pray to him often to intercede for my family. His devotion is incredible. His intercession has been the hallmark of some of the most important events of my life.
St. George because I enlisted Army and Im praying for his protection and guidance.
My favourite saint is St Anthony of Padua.

I have been a member of St Anthony’s Parish since I was baptised when I ws 4 years old.

At school, we all sung this song called St Anthony of Padua.

His feast day is next week, the 13th June.

I have always prayed to him when I have lost something.

And there is a beautiful statue of him in our church garden.

Love Kellie
St. Jose Maria Escriva`,The Little flower, "Big Teresa "and St. Augustine…all played a big part in my series of conversions over the course of my life as a Catholic convert. 🙂
I like St. Anthony of Padua. With 5 kids in the house, I ask for his intercession many times to help find lost articles.

For me, St Alphonsus Ligouri, hands down. A very close second is St. Augustine. Both were so sensitive to God’s patience, love and persistence in spite of their continuing failures and denials. A true inspiration for me in this difficult world and body. Also, Saint Peter The Apostle. His impetuousness, cowardice in the face of persecution (denying Jesus) and his love for Jesus is sometimes like a mirror for me.
St. Maximilian Kolbe. St. Joan of ARC. St. Anthony of Miracles and St. Dymphna.
St. Terese’, St. Bernadette, St. Rapheal… Oh there, are two many whom mean so much to me…

St. Anthony, one time when I was pregnant I had such huge problem that I promised St. Anthony that if there was any way he could work things out that if I was pregnant with a boy I would name him Anthony. My Anthony is almost six now. St. Anthony never fails to come through for me. I just love him!
Tom of Assisi:
Which saint has meant the most to you in your life?

Me–Saint Thomas More:getholy:
Hello, well thats a difficult one, but St,Anthony, St,Martha,St,Gemma,St,John Vianney,and although not a saint, Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa from Portugal.
How can I pick?! I don’t want to hurt any of their feelings 😉

Anthony of Padua has been a lifelong friend and aid. But it’s Therese of Lisieux (and might I say her sister Celine) who has most influenced my adult spiritual life. She showers me with roses and daily inspires me to use the ‘little’ things in life to bring me closer to Jesus.

Honorable mentions to Jude, Jeremiah the prophet, Thomas Aquinas, Teresa of Avila, Ignatius Loyola, Albert the Great, Michael the Archangel.
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