Catholics where do you get your news?

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Religious News:

Ewtn & The World Over
This site
700 Club…in the evening… their news show will drop your jaw at what their correspondants reveal about Christian persecution around the world… we’re being exterminated for our views, just short of being fed live to lions in a colliseum! Dan Blather wil never talk about that…

Relevant Radio…in the morning


Fox News/O Reilly, Hannity & Colmes
Scarbourough County…Msnbc?
Limbaugh (in SMALL doses)
World net Daily
daily news roundup & columnists at for news of the weird, Catholic style for news from all over, commentary, contintuing stories
weekly newspaper - National Catholic Register and Our Sunday Visitor (there is overlap there so I only subscribe to one, read the other at Church)
TV news - none, they have news on TV? not that I’ve noticed, lots of entertainment but the news reporting on network TV has the same relationship to journalism as “reality TV” has to documentary.
radio - NPR drive time (liberal slant, but my motto is “know your enemy”)
monthly in-depth news magazine - Catholic World Report for what is going on world-wide that serious Catholics need to know
Computer, MSNBC, Yahoo news, local newspaper on line…

Television, CNN mostly, EWTN, NEVER Faux (Fox) News.

Radio, National Public Radio. NPR is my best source for news, it gives in depth news rather than just short headlines.
Mostly from The Internet sites like The Guardian, Salon,, Eweek, the BBC, CNN, and MSNBC. I rarely watch FOXNews except I’m interested to see Rupert Murdock’s propaganda spin on events.
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